Sunday 20 November 2011

Nadel against Mardi Fish

A good match that went to 23 games sets(Thanks Martin) and finished after 11pm. The hotel in Greenwich was a good idea. A Premier Inn. Better quality than the Travelodge we were in the year before and a much better breakfast. You could park on the road outside until 9.00am but if you wanted secure parking limited spaces were available at £7.50 a day. Advanced booking was recommended but we got the last space at 00.20 am.

Tennis ATP Finals

A pleasant Sunday watching 2 sessions of the ATP Tennis finals at the O2.The first doubles stared at 12.15 and the singles at 2.00pm. The doubles went to 3 sets but I did not like the no advantage rule when if scoring reached deuce.Once deuce was reached the next point decided the game with the receiving side deciding who would receive serve. Speeded up the tennis butlost the tension.