Thursday 9 May 2019

Mallorca Day 19 - The journey home

We were down in breakfast for 7:10. The mystery of the sandwiches was solved as they were on the table ready for us to eat.  Fortunately some fresh cheese appeared  followed by some freshly baked rolls and small croissants. We were having breakfast an hour before they normally start serving. The sandwiches were wrapped in a napkin and taken to the van. We stopped near the airport to refuel and the van was returned. After a quick inspection with everything being fine the van was handed back. After an efficient check in the flight left on time. The aircraft had lots of spare seats and the pilot amused us by describing the game of pilot Twister he going to play with the co pilot on  the journey.The co pilot won. We arrived back in the UK to rain and a temperature around 11 degrees. We touched down at 12:15 and were in the car driving home by 13:00. We stopped at the Lakeside cafe in Wymeswold for lunch  a find courtesy of good maps.Friendly staff and good value homemade food.
We each had homemade quice , hand cut chips and salad and shared a piece of homemade banana cake washed down with Yorkshire tea. Refreshed we continued our journey home.

Wednesday 8 May 2019

Mallorca Day 18

We had breakfast outside on the terrace again but this time we were prepared and wore long trousers.  We started the day with a trip into Porreres on the bikes to go to the market and a shop on the outskirts that sold lots of local produce  Carine had recommended . 

We were back around 11:30 and changed into our cycling cloths for the last ride of the holiday. Coming back from the market we spotted a small  cami that went in the direction of Sant Joan. The cafe in the  main square was busy with a couple of large groups of cyclists so we continued to Loret de la Vistalegre.
 We had a choice of 3 bars to eat in and eventually selected a bar on the main road. We ordered a vegetable crepe and a beer each and wondered if we would have been better with one of the other bars as you would not describe the waiter as being too friendly. When  the crepe arrived it was freshly cooked and tasted better than it looked from the photo of the filling . After lunch it was the Cami to Ruberts and then a track to Costitx. The track  had good views across to the mountains . Some of the displays from the previous weeks flower festival were still in place in Costitx. We avoided the main road to Sineu . The Garmins map was correct and we crossed the main roads taking  a minor cami that turned into a gravelled path and the looped round towards Sineu. It was then roads back towards Lloret de Vista Alegre and on towards Monturi . A strong headwind slowed our progess but it was warm enough that a windproof top was not required. It was the first ride of the holiday were the top stayed in the bag all day.

We stopped in the usual bar we visit and sat on the large  terrace  with its good view and enjoyed a coffee and shared a large expensive piece of almond cake. It was then back to Can Feliu.  The bikes were packed in the bike boxes and we paid Carine. She had not confirmed  their account had received the balance I had transferred but assumed the funds  were in place. We ate in the the hotel again.  The meal of a Mallorcan peasant stew with bread,  tomato salad, stuffed aubergine and homemade cheesecake was very good. It was disappointing that we were the only couple eating and service by our private chef was a little to fast. Once we were served our grappa we were given instructions on how to turn off the lights and background music. The  chef left a wrapped round of sandwiches on the side with some fruit juice and coffee pods and then left.  We returned to our room to pack. The olive oil we had bought and unopened bottle of wine was carefully wrapped and strapped in place in the bike boxes. The packing was finished and alarm set 6:30.

Tuesday 7 May 2019

Mallorca Day 18 Photos 2

Mallorca Day 18 Photos

Mallorca Day 17

We were first in breakfast again  and choose to eat outside. If we  been in England we would have said it was  too cold although it was pleasant  when the sun came it out. The temperature was a little cooler than the previous day at around 14 degrees so we started riding wearing sleeves. Only the first part of the ride had been planned which was taking the back roads to Felanitx and climbing up to the fortified remains of Castell de Santueri.The road started eith a fairly gentle ascent. A guide to the climb we read the previous evening described the last two  kilometres as averaging 10 percent.  Whilst the average gradient may have been correct it included several section at 16 percent. There were good views on the way up and when we reached the Castell. The 4 euro entrance fee would have been good value if Lyn had been able to walk round and we had brought a lock for the bikes.

Descending from the Castell we found a track heading in the general direction of the coast , The Garmin showed the track joining up with a road.  After a little persuasion Lyn reluctantly decided to follow me down the track but walked a couple of the steep sections. When the slope finally levelled out and the surface became better we followed a mountain bike sign to Portocolom. The signs then disappeared but the Garmin was able to provide directions.We arrived at the port,  lots if expensive boats and a pretty harbour with lots of cafes and restaurants.  We had stayed there in 2001 but I did remember it,
 After a shared pizza by the harbour we returned via a minor track to S' Horta  and them on minor roads Cas Concos des Cavaller. We had a tour round Felanitx in a fruitless attempt to find an ice cream parlour before retracing our route back to Porreres arriving back just aftet 18;00. A round trip or 45 miles with around 800m of ascent .  We eat in  Can Feliu and had  an excellent meal with a main of pork wrapped in cabbage leaves. The grappa came out again at the end of the meal and this time we shared a glass.


Monday 6 May 2019

Mallorca Day 17 Photos 2

Mallorca Day 17 Photos

Mallorca Day 16- A ride to the coast

We were first to arrive for breakfast.  It was an excellent spread  including the choice of cold meats and cheeses we had rejected than previous evening.  After fruit salad, cereal, an omelette each , a selection of meat ,  cheese and salad washed down with several cups of coffee we were ready for our ride to the coast.  The most direct route would have been to take main road to Campos.  However the Garmin maps showed a possible route on minor tracks avoiding main road.  We cycled out of Porrerres past policemen waiting to stop an unsuspecting motorists and onto the minor track.  After a short climb we were soon descending We found the route blocked on a couple of occasions by private drives and we had to retrace our steps.We eventually found a gravel track. After several miles the  surface changed to fresh  tarmac which then took  us to the outskirts of Campos.The MA 4030 to Sa Rapita was disappointing.  It was marked as scenic road on  the map. However although not very busy was a main road which long and straight with very little scenery.  It was 9km to Sa Rapita and at least it was downhill with the wind behind us. Although it was lunchtime we were still full from breakfast so we continued cycling round the coast to S'Estanyol de  Migjorn. We then attempted to take a track round the coast but the way was block by a locked gate. We took the main road instead towards Llucmajor turning off after a gentle ascent for a couple of miles. We turned again for Llucmajor after another couple of miles this time on a minor track. It was a quiet track  and an Mallorcan tortoise was spotted (Testudo hermanni) when we stopped for a break. We had last seen one several years ago and after being a little shy a head finally appeared from its shell. We stopped in main square in Llucmajor for lunch and then took the minor road and track to the side of Randa and minor road back to Porreres a round trip of 45 miles.Sunday night was tapas night and we joined a German family and 3 German couple for Tapas. A good selection of dishes but slightly different from the ones that were on  the menu. The meal was finished off with an espresso coffee and glass of their homemade grappa.

Sunday 5 May 2019

Mallorca Day 16 photos 2

Mallorca Day 16 photos 1

Mallorca Day 15

We eat in the apartment having a leftover tea of pea and bean risotto. 
We missed out on the Mega Bony happiness the previous evening  becouse of the heavy rain and stayed in the appartment watching Spanish television. A mother reunited with a lost daughter and a very strange quiz show were contenants we slowly eliminated in a variety of bizarre    ways .

The heavy rain of the previous afternoon and evening had cleared by the morning. As no-one was going into the apartment Maria said we could stay until 5:00pm. We packed our cases and set off on a ride taking the back roads to Campanet.  The photos I have uploaded have appeared out of order. We stopped at the new bar by the church of Sant Miquel and then continued towards  Selva and took a minor road track that  was shown on  the Garmin towards Inca. The Garmin directled us on the back roads round Inca and we then had a mile on the main road before joining the Inca Sa Pobla minor road. We turned off up the hill to Buger.

 A busy market was taking place. An English couple stopped us to talk out out Hewitt bikes and we had a pea and meat  pie and vegetarian pasty from Forn Ca ' n Rafel. After climbing the hill to Campanet we returned to the apartment via the golf club and the back roads.  A round trip of 43 miles.  The van was packed and the appartment tidied and we we ready to leave just after 17: 00. The minute after send  Maria a Whatsapp to say the keys were in the box she arrived.  We said our goodbyes and set off for Porreres . Unfortunately we were past Pollenca when I realised the bread knife from the appartment was still in the van. I had used to shape some cardboard packing for the bikes. 40 minutes later and with the bread knife returned we were setting off again. We arrived at Can Feliu just after 19:00 and were greated by Carinia once we were able to open the electric gate. We rejected the simple evening meal of bread , meat and cheese and instead cycled into Porreres and selected L' Escrivania to eat. We shared a salad and each had the salted cod as a main and then shared a cheesecake desert which could have feed four. Confusion over the wine order resulted in us getting a bottle rather than 2 glasses of the house red. A problem we resolved by the end of the evening.  After an excellent meal we cycled back to the vineyard. The road onto the vineyard was unlit but the Cateye front lights provided enought light to slowly cycle. 

Friday 3 May 2019

Mallorca Day 14

After another excellent meal at Stay 
we could not have a leasurely start to the day as Martin and Sue had to leave at 8:30 to catch their flight.
Goodbyes were said and after a little debate we decided to cycle to Alaro but start from Santa Eugenia. The forecast had a strong possibility of rain in the afternoon and we decided that we could assess the situation in Alaro and decide if we should continue  round the Orient. We cycled towards Consell and then on the Cami de Muro to Santa Maria by passing the main street to Ctra Santa Maria Alaro .We arrived in Alaro just after 12:00,  Panaderia Ca Na  Najuantanita in the main square was still open and we selected a vegetable pasty and pie for lunch. A second pie was required after Robert managed to spill the contents of his half on the floor when trying to photograph it.  Checking the weather the forecast was rain a 15:00 so we decided to continue round the Orient.  The first part of the climb is 5.2 km at an average of just over 5 percent.  You then drop down into the Orient and then have another 120 metres to climb up the Col d'Honor.  For our route that was the hard work done for the day as we then had a fast descent to Bunyola. The sky had darkened and rain was in the air so we continued onto Sant Maria and retraced our route back to Santa Eugenia.   We continued a short distance past the van. The cakes in the first bar we passed were disappointing to we continued up the hill to the bar we had found earlier on the holiday and had a coffee each. The rain started to fall as we returned to the van. 90 euros solved the problem with the vans refuelling light. On arrived back in Puerto Pollenca we stopped at a Panaderia where Lyn selected some cakes to have with our afternoon cup of tea. We arrived back in the appartment 
just after 17:00 where  after tea and cake we started packing to move onto the vineyard tomorrow.  A leftover tea was prepared of avocado salad followed by pea and bean risotto.  We had planned a trip Bony's bar but this may be thwarted by the  heavy rain. 

Mallorca Day 14 Photos 2

Mallorca Day 14 Photos

Thursday 2 May 2019

Mallorca Day 13

After a fine day yesterday we were disappointed to find today's forecast included showers in the afternoon
 Whilst Martin and Sue sent off walking for the day we drove to Sa Pobla and parked on our usual spot by the cemetery. A few spots of rain appeared on the windscreen on route but this had cleared by the time we were ready to set off cycling.  Cagoules were left on the van and we decided to chance the weather.  Our route took us you of Sa Pobla and on tracks towards Muro before joining the road and then following a track alongside the railway line. We were then on roads going around the outside of Llubi before heading for Sineu and Petra. Petra is a popular lunch spot for cyclists but we continued on tracks to Maria de la Salut where we stopped at a bar we had stopped at last year,  Bar Ca's Xigaler. We shared a Pa lamb oli and a salad but had been spoilt by the quality of the food at bar Mayorga . We then took an extended route back to the van via the outskirts of Santa Margalida and along some ecovias. The route was carefully planned even if Lyn thought we were cycling round in circles.  We got back to the appartment before 6:00pm , plenty of time to get ready for our evening meal at Stay.  A round trip of 43 miles and the rain stayed away all day.

Mallorca Day 13