Saturday 12 May 2018

Tuesday - The flight home

We were down for breakfast just after 8,00 and each had an omelette again. We sat outside on the patio making the most the morning sun and view . The owner of the Bodegas came over and introduced himself to us. He was very friendly and asked if we had enjoyed our stay. We had seen him driving a van and assumed he was one the workers. By 10:00sm we were ready to set off. We made it down the single track road without meeting an on coming car. We needed to find a bin to dispose of the cardboard trays we had used to store the bikes in.Recycling bins can normally be found on the outskirts of small towns and villages on the island. We could not find anything in Porreres and diverted off our route to Montuiri and again drew a blank. We did find some bins in Algaida but they were in a locked compound so gave up looking and continued to the airport . The van was refueled when we reached the airport and we finally found a skip at the next gsrage we passed. We returned the van, it passed the inspection and we walked across to the terminal. There was a large queue at the Jet2 check in but we were directed to separate desk at the front of the queue because of the bikes.
The flight was uneventful. We were a little late setting off because of passengers beginning transferred from a cancelled flight to Birmingham.We sat in the emergency exit seats again towards the plane. Lots of leg room but we were the last to be served refreshments and most things had run out by the time they reached us. A strong tail wind meant we made the time up on the flight. We decended thought the clouds to Manchester and landed in light rain. Road works and traffic on the M60 meant it took about an hour to get to Lyn's.

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Friday 11 May 2018

Monday - A ride from the Bodegas

Another ride from the Bodegas. First we cycled into Porreres. The post office was open, stamps purchased and holiday postcards finally sent.


We then retraced yesterdays route on the minor tracks to Felinix. The monestry of San Salvador could be seen in the distance and we cycled past a field of free range pigs

San Salvador

Free range pigs.

This time we turned towards the town going round on the ring road. The turning for San Salvador is about 1 mile out of the town off a busy main road.
The climb is steeper than the climb to Lluc we had done earlier in the holiday. The average gradient is 6.4 percent but had km sections at 10 and 12 percent. The profile we looked at on the Sunday evening showed a peak of 17 percent towards the top of the climb. As you ascent the climb winds its way round the mountain offering good views of the plain below and the coast.

Robert cycled ahead completing the 4.8km climb in 22 minutes and 34 seconds. After a couple of quick photos he returned down the climb to meet Lyn and cycle back to the top with her.

When she reached the top we spent some time admiring the views. We had an expensive small coffee in the cafeteria but decided to get some lunch in Felanix.

We decended stopping at a couple of view points for more photos . Finding a bakery in Felinix proved to be more difficult than we anticipated. After a visit to the tourist information we had a map with 3 bakeries marked. They all turned out to be either closed down of shut for lunch. We ended up abandoning the idea and instead returned to Porreres on another minor road and track.

Fortunately we decided to share a piece of cake in L' Escrivania as it was much larger than we expected.

Chocolate Cake.

We returned to the Bodegas. A round trip of 35 miles with 687m of ascent.
Bikes were packed in the bike boxes and cases sorted for Tuesadys flight before we enjoyed a tasty 4 course meal.

Salad second course.

On uploading the route to Stsva Lyn was please to find she had made it into the top 3 of all time women results for one 30 mimute gravel section back to Porreres . One better than her top 4 placing for the previous day on a different section.

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Sunday - A tour from Porreres

The weather forecast had a low probability of rain on the afternoon. The temperature was around 17 degrees when we set off and after a little debate decided jackets were not required and just wore a gillets.

We had thought of cycling to Sa Rapita to have lunch in a bar we had visited on a previous trip. Rather than cycle directly there I planned a circular route taking some minor tracks roads to Felianix and the going on to Campos. Our first attempt to avoid the centre of Falanix failed when we came to a private road . However we took the next road that was not shown on map or Garmin and that joined the road we had wanted to take. We then continued to Campos.

Private road

View on route.

On reaching the town we realised that if we got to Sa Rapita we would not have time for lunch so decided to stop in Campos instead. After a comprehensive tour round the centre and it's one way system we finally selected one of the first places we had cycled past. We each had a crepe but passed on a desert not wanting to have 2 ice creams in one day.

We then continued to Luc Major. Rather than taking the main road to Montuiri we then took a minor road to the south of hill of Randa.


We had done the climb to the top previously but it was not on today's route. We had cycled the Cami in the opposite direction in 2016 when with the aid of Google maps we established that the road did continue and eventually joined main road to Montuiri . The majority of the surface was tarmaced but the last 2.5 miles were on a stoney track, the majority of which wad downhill, and had the occasional flooded section to negotiate.

On joining the main road we turned off it after a few hundred metres and took the minor track to Porreres.

Bike storage

A round trip of 44.9 miles with 463m of ascent.

We eat in the Bodegas. We sat at a long table that would have comfortable seated sixteen people and were joined by 2 German couples. The menu was assorted tapas . They were tasty but served a little too quickly. We were pleased to discover a bottle red wine was included in the price. This made the 24 euro per person excellent value.

We somehow managed to get an extra portion alioli and bread. Must have looked hungry after all the cycling.

Desert was an Ice Cream Sunday turned into a piece chocolate and nut cake before it was served. The finishing touch was a glass of the Bodegas home made Grapas served cold. We returned to our room and listened to the frog chorus from the balcony before retiring to bed.

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Sunday 6 May 2018


We woke to stair rods of rain. We had left the washing out outside undercover, if it had been 6 inches further out i would have been wetter than when we started. After breakfast the rain eased enough to pack the van. We tidied the apartment took a group photo and Martin and Sue left to spend the day in Soller before going to get their evenning flight .

We decided to drive to Llorenc des Cardassar. We drove via Alcudia and C'an Picafort . Normally you would be slowed down by large groups of cyclists but apart from one or two hardy souls the rain has kept them away.
First stop was the post office, closed at weekends, and then we went to the bakery for panade and a coffee. The rain had stopped and the forecast for the afternoon was for sun later with only a alight chance of rain so we decided to cycle along the old railway to Arta .We parked at the old railway station. Bikes were prepared, suncream applied, weather forecast checked again, waterproofs not required as it was going to be fine all afternoon.We were ready to set off and then the rain started. We sat back in the van and by the time Lyn had finished a chapter of her book the rain had stopped.

Setting off

View over to the sea

Lyn found the ride to Arta hard going. The track was stoney and climbed around 140 metres over 13 miles and we did have a head wind. It was only when we got to Arta she found the rear brake had been sticking on.


With the problem sorted we returned to the van at a faster speed and the sun came out before we got back.

It was around a 30 minute drive to Can Feliu. We are staying in B+B / hotel located in a Bogea about 2 km from Porreres. We had taken the old fashion precaution of printing of a map before
we came so locating it was not a problem. What we had not considered was negotiating the narrow single track road with our large van. Fortunately we only met one car. We were warmly welcomed on arrival and shown our first floor room with a terrace that looks out over the vineyard and to the hills beyond. We were too late to have the evening meal so drove into Porreres. We park on the outskirts of town and Lyn cycled to the centre. We eat in S' Centro an Italian type restaurant located in an an old theatre. We arrived around 8:30 and got a table as we were early for Spain. The restaurant soon filled with locals, with the large floor area allowing the seating to be rearranged to suit the various size parties thst arrived.

We shared a plate of mixed vegetables and we both had fish for the main course, Lyn salmon and Robert Sea Bream. We chose creme catalan and a fig cheese cake for desert which we shared. It was acceptable but we would not order it again.

The narrow road back to the bogega was successfully negotiated and we sampled complememtary
the bottle of wine we had been left before retiring to bed.

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Saturday 5 May 2018


Now in Can Feliu bed and breakfast just outside Porreres. Full post follow.

Friday 4 May 2018

Friday- Cycling though the puddles

The rain in Spain

An excellent meal at Stay on Thursday evening. Good service and pleasant company. We did not have to resort to hiding a broken plate under a napkin but Martin did go off to "gste crash" a 70th birthday celebration.

Homemade spaghetti with crispy chicken and

Fillets of fresh sardines, prawns and aubergine in a light batter

Stuffed mushrooms "bonne marmam" with a wild mushroom sauce fresh vegetables and potato .

Filet of sea bream dorade, Mallorcan style with white wine sauce, spinach and potato

Special desert of the day

The television weather forecast on Thursday evening for Friday showed the only rain in Spain not on the plain but over Mallorca. Unfortunately it turned out to be correct. It had rained overnight and light rain started when we were having breakfast and continued until late afternoon. A trip out was made for for provisions, books were read and knitting done. After lunch Martin and Sue headed off to the bird reserve for a bit of orchid spotting. The rain got a little heaver in Puerto Pollenca so Robert and Lyn took the van to the post office. The one-way streets were negotiated but the the post office had moved since our last visit 2 years ago.
Google maps found the new location for us and helpfully told us it was now shut until Saturday morning.
We returned to the apartment put on our waterproofs and cycled into town to buy some postcards. By 4:00 pm the rained stopped and the sky started to clear. We went back to the appartment changed into our cycling waterproofs and set of a ride round the back roads to Alcudia. A round trip of just over 20 miles. As we turned for home the rain started again and continued long enough for Lyn to stop and put her waterproof jacket on.
We got back to the smell if fresh rosemary from the lamb "Massanella" cooking in the oven.

Lamb "Massanella"

Another excellent meal was enjoyed after which we say down to the final showing this holiday of the "Weetabix Movie"

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Fridays photos

Bus- what's on the wheels
Action man.,
Avoiding the puddles .
View to Pollença,
Back road back.

Thursday 3 May 2018

Thursdays photos 2

View from col de sa Batalla
Top of the climb,
View across to Alcudia,
Ice cream at the end.

Thursdays Photos 1

Puerto Pollenca,
Camí de Llenaire,
Morning Coffee stop
Start of Climb from Calmari