Saturday 1 October 2016

The Canal Crew

We assembled at Napton on the Hill for our latest adventure. The normal pick up time was 3:00pm but Black Price allowed to pick the boat up at 1:00pm. In the end traffic delays on the M6 delayed the arrival of everyone apart from myself. The heavy rain when I arrived cleared just before 1:00pm as I loaded my luggage into the boat. After the safety briefing we set of just after 2:00pm.

We turned out of the marina towards Braunston on to the Oxford canal. 10 minutes into our journey Lyn and sat down for lunch and Lyn a realised the freshly made bread and homemade cake had been left on the back shelf of Louise's car! It was a 5 minute walk to the marina entrance on the far side of the canal and then a 14 minute walk to cross the canal and go round the roads to the marina entrance. Bread and cake retrieved and we set off again. At Braunston we turn onto the Grand Union Canal and have to negotiate 6 locks and a long tunnel.
Mooring is limited between the locks so we stopped for the night just before the turning and will negotiate the locks and tunnel in the morning.

The forecast rain stopped just after 1:00pm and so far has stayed away.

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