Monday 6 May 2013

Canal Crew Day 3

Canal Crew Day 3

We left the Black Lion at around 9:30 canal time and headed towards Consal Forge. There  we had to stop out boat was too large for the Froghall Tunnel the turning circle before it was only large enough to turn boat 65 feet in length. The turning circle at the forged proved very tight and after a little effort with the pole we eventually had the boat turn round. A mobile phone signal appeared long enough for us to text and get a call from Malcolm "The Special Guest of the Day". He parked at Flint Mill and followed the scent of millionaire shortbread we had laid the day before. He boarded just before the first lock of the day. We decided to play safe with our pub meal and have pub lunch rather than evening meal. We can confirm the reviews of the Red Lion at Chedderton proved to be correct and they provided us with same excellent fair. The fish cakes are highly recommended and steak and ale pie was huge and tasty with the largest slices of meal I have every seen. It defeated Gerry but Chris made it one all. Malcolm's made it two one with his ham eggs and chips. We then took the opportunity to explore the Flint mill. It started as grain mill but was converted to mill flint for the pottery trade. After lunch some of us need a walk to overcome the effects of our food and drink. We left Louise in charge of steering the boat with Stuart overseeing. After the locks we opted for another short trip along the Leek canal to get there we had to turn the boat round and after an encounter with a few overhanging trees much use of the pole and Roger and a passer by pulling from the bank we made it! We only had time to go to the first turning circle. We dropped Malcolm on the way by the aqueduct so he could descend to the Calden canal and back to his car.

We provided the evening entertainment as we got the boat turned round but this time in more efficient manner. We had our first debris round the propeller just before we re-joined the Caldon canal. Stuart soon has it sorted and we of again without the vibration from the propeller. We decided to moor very we spent the first night. We were greeted by the same goose when we arrived.

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