Friday 30 August 2013

Friday 30th August. Spending the toll savings on wine! Vineyards visited Sancerre * 2 , Chablis *1, Bourgone *1. Now in Champagne region. Full text to follow later! The Mille en Feuilles is a family run hotel, or to be more precise run by one man on our visit. He checked us in the day before, served our dinner that evening and in the morning he was serving breakfast and checking us out. The breakfast was basic but did include fresh fruit and Fromage blank. After breakfast we had a quick walk around the old town centre. A look at the church who’s main cloister had been destroyed by a fire in the 17th century and never rebuild. The remaining walls had been left in tack and used for the front and side of houses. We purchased some cycling maps from the tourist information for a future visit and then left for Sancerre. The first stop was Dauny and organic wine producer in a the small village of Crezancy en Sancerre about 10 km from Sancerre. Just like our previous visit we needed a couple of attempts to locate the producer. The postcode I had written down was too general for Kate to locate the exact position. Next time take the full address. This time we were served by the owner’s wife. We selected several bottles’ and then went back to the village to try Jack Pinson and Fils. Another tasting and a few more bottles safely stored and we were off again toward Matouges. Kate wanted to take us via the peage. It would probably have been quicker but we decided the more pleasant route would be to cut across country towards Tonnare and then Troyes. The route had the added advantage it took us thought the village of Chablis. We stopped for Brexton lunch just outside Chablis. A goats cheese crotin and some carrot and celeriac salad we had purchased as we left Sancerre. The picnic site had an information board that told us that Chablis also made a little local wine. We headed straight for the cooperative Cave and after a tasting selected some Chablis village and Bourgogne red. Tasting number 3 and more bottles safely stored and we were off again. We have not got enough “red” said the chief navigator. Just after Tonnere we spotted another local cave. We turned around and headed up the drive. The gates that had previously been open were now closed and it look like the family we on their way out in their car. With the prospect of losing a sale the gates we soon unlocked their car reversed back into the yard and we followed the owner in the cave. His Chablis was very good, better than the cooperative’s and cheaper! We also got some of his Bourgornes red. More wine safely stored and we made it to Matouges without any further diversions. We arrived just after 6:00pm. The pool was open and we were informed that the water temperature was a rather pleasant 27.5 degrees. We opted for a quick dip rather than a bike ride. We had booked demi pension. The evening meal was very good but service a little slow. The Muse bouche arrive before the drinks we had ordered! This is the third time we have stayed at the Auberge des Moissons. It a little expensive but offers comfortable rooms with and good restaurant and excellent breakfast. It’s in an ideal location around 3 hours from Calais.

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