Saturday 2 September 2017

Friday Clamency to Tannay

Our last full day in the boat. By now we were in a routine. Roger set off on his morning run accompanied by Louise. Chris sent for at bike ride accompanied by Gerry whilst Lyn and I had breakfast. Everyone was back by 9:00 and we all set off to explore Clamency. Lyn and I by bike and the rest on foot.
We meet at the church on top of the hill. Bread was purchased for lunch and and for sandwiches for Gerry, Roger and Chris's train journey to Paris on Saturday . The excellent butchers in the centre of town provided some freshly minced beef for tea.

We were all back at the boat and on our way by 10:00. We pulled over and let boat that followed us out of the mooring past as they were traveling faster than we were . A good move on our part as we caught them up at the first lock. It turned turned out it was being crewed by a Russian couple and their children who have lived on Germany for the last 10 years.

We had to wait about half an hour for the lock keeper to arrive. He arrived by moped with a lit cigarette in his mouth and apologised and said he was having to man the next 3 locks.
The boat that overtook us was in first had had to ensude the additional current from being nearest to the lock gates.

We made it though the next 4 locks before mooring for lunch. A European kingfisher provided a photo opportunity before we moved on when to get to the next lock when it opened after lunch.
For the remaining locks back to Tanay they squeezed 3 Le Boat boats onto each lock.
We arrived back at the base just after 4 pm to spots of rain but not enough to warrant wearing waterproofs.

The side thrusters proved usefull as Robert reversed the boat onto the base . We had planned a wine tasting and took the car up the hill to Tanay.We found the winary but it was closed so we returned to the boat to prepare spaghetti Bolognese for tea.

Another excellent meal. The last of the wine was finished but we have been left with some beer.

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