Sunday 8 April 2012

A ride from Biniali

8th April

Drove to Biniali and parked in our "usual" spot by the roundabout. Planned a new route taking the minor road to Santa Eugenia and then on towards the airport. We could not find the track marked in the map to Sant Jordi but eventually worked out way round to it passing the end of the runway which gave a good view of the incoming planes. We then followed the track to Llucmajor. The road disappeared and a 4 km section turned out to be a very rough mountain bike track. A pie for lunch in the square at Llucmajor then it was the minior road to Algaida, followed by Pina,Costitx (again) and then the long way back to Biniali. Excellent views of the mountains as we cycled towards Inca. A trip of about 48 miles.The weather was sunny, a cooling breeze and a top temperature of about 20 degrees C.

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