Saturday 3 September 2016

Friday: Lac de Vassiviere

We eat in Hotel La Bellerive. It's was English owned and the owner was very friendly. However is is disappointing to note we found the food average and overpriced for the quality.

We had a good night's sleep once we had rearranged 9 pillows and cushions that had be placed on the bed in a attempt to ensure our comfort. After an average breakfast we drove the 7 km to Lac Vassiviere. Lyn had picked of the leaflet on the bike path that circumnavigates the lake on one of our previous trips to France. The Circuit Raymond Poulidor named after a French cyclist is also known as the circuit des legends and boards around the route describe the endeavours of some of the heroes of the tour De France including Poulidor, Miguel Indurain , Bernard Hinult and Greg Lemond.

Rather than following the shore the route was on roads found the lake and would have been too billy for Louise. As we were both wearing pants we could not cut down to the shoreline.

We did however divert from the route to go too the island in the middle of the lake.

We did not have time to explore the whole of the wood of sculptures but did find sn artisan baker who baked his bread on a wood fired oven. Lunch sorted and a midmorning snack taken with a small coffee overlooking the lake and it's " submarine". Were were back at the car and off on the 6 hour journey to Le Neubourg . Kate stated us off on a a scenic tour of minor twisty roads and our estimated arrival time had extended by 10 minutes in the first 30 minutes of driving. This time was slowly pulled back and a late Brexton lunch taken at a picnic spot. The artesian bread was very good snd well worth the price. Kate excelled in the centre of Chartres when we avoided the ring road and queueing traffic and went on a cut though round the centre. We arrived at hotel Acadine just after 7:30 just in time for a quick shower and to cycle into the town for our evening meal.

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