Saturday 3 September 2016

Le Neubourg: ,Velo Vert

We selected Hotel Acadine becouse of its close proximity to the velo vert that runs from Le Bec Hellion to Evereux . The hotel was a good choice as we could be flexible on our arrival time. it is modern and functional but lacks some of the charm of the other accommodation we have stayed in on this trip

We were in breakfast for 8:00 and cycling by just after 9:00 having obtained an hour extension of the hotels normal midday check out time. We had cycled the velo vert on a couple of previous occasions. This time we selected the direction of Bec Hellion about 22 km from the old station.

It was surprising cool as we set off. Gilets were put on and the start and once on the ride Lyn stopped to add arm warmers as well. A lot of the path was in trees and in shade and the heat of the sun had not started to warm the air. The ride to Bec Hellion was mainly downhill so the return was a little slower. We were back at the hotel at 11:35 having stopped in the town to buy lunch and fruit for the journey.

After a much needed shower were started the 3 hour trip to Calais at 12:45.

A Brexton lunch stop broke up the journey and we arrived in Calais without any delay. The 8 euro toll being a pleasant surprise as we expected more of the journey would be on a peage. The plan was to buy beer and petrol from the shops just of junction 3 but we found assess from the motorway to the port blocked.
A bit of excellent piece of human navigation on Lyn part took us round on the minor roads and to the back of the industrial estate.
Beer and some more wine was purchased and whilst Lyn sat guarding the luggage Robert repacked the car. Should we have tried to put in a third box of Budweiser.
We ignored the motorway and drove thought town to the port. We had plenty of time and after a long queue we had made it though the UK boarder controls.

When we reached the PO desk we were told that the ferry was running 30 minutes late. By the time we boarded it was more like an hour. Good job we have a hotel booked for this evening.

The Castle fish and chip shop on Dover provided our customary supper when we arrive in Dover on a late ferry. The M20 was closed but after we needed to exit for the hotel. Oh we arrived in Dover to the first significant rain we had seen for 2 weeks. A customary welcome to the UK.

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  1. Well done! You survived another trip, and the English language survived another Brextoning. Nearly a month has passed with no further word apart from Lyn's apparition at the Spinners.... so I hope you get home safely!