Sunday 28 May 2017

London Paris Day 2

We finally made it to Amiens after 94 miles of cycling. The day started with breakfast at 7;00 and we were away by 8;20 once we had helped Tom turn the van round in the car park. It was blocked in by a couple of cars.

The key to the bike store must have turned up becouse it was on this morning. The previous evening all the bikes apart from mine had been put in the the store and the door locked.When I tried to put mine in the manager could not find the key!

The day had the by now customary assortment of punchers. The is not comprehensive. Malcolm had to change a front and rear tube at different times. Danny continues to struggle with his tubless rear tyre. The latex is not sealing the hole and he is continually losing pressure
The tyre has been glued to the rim and we are worried if we try and take it off to fit a tube we may damage it beyond repair. We cannot swap the wheel as it had a different fixing system to the spares we have with us.

We left Calais via a velo vert which had too much small gravel in places. We had one minor diversion from the route. The roads though a village were closed for a military parade. We found an alternative route the appeared to be a mile shorter but it turned into an unmade track do we had to retraced out steps.

We meet the van after 20 mile's of cycling and again after 58 miles. Martin had suffered a front tyre puncher
I stayed with him but it took a while to fix. We were pushing hard to catch up and really needed some food. Tom and Elizabeth excelled with one of the best picnic lunches it have had for a long time.

French bread, ham cheese and tomatoes.

Everyone appreciated the Lunch and we pushed on meeting the van after another 15 miles and again 8 miles from Amiens. A good excuse for a break.

We arrived at the hotel just before 5. La Chamber d Amien is modern clean and comfortable. My room has a much appreciated rain shower.

The hotel is a 30 minute walk from the centre. No more cycling today so Taxis have been ordered for 7:15.

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