Sunday 28 May 2017

London to Paris day 1

An eventful day. A night in the Travelodge
at Strafford meant we were at the Olympic Velodrome for 8:00. Bikes were stored in the room overnight and we were able to park the van and car in the street behind.

Photos were taken and then we were off. The forecast heavy showers started 3 miles into the ride but soon cleared. The first puncher was a few miles in one of several we suffered during the day.

The Thames was crossed using the foot tunnel. We ignored the no cycling sign and cycled though once we had carried out bikes down the stairs.

The Medway was crossed at Rochester. We were making reasonable time. When we turned towards the village of Lower Rainham we ignored the road closed signs along will most of the motorists. We found the road totally blocked, A trench had been dug accross the road blacking a 50 yard section and the workmen would not let us take sour bikes though. The land lady of the village pub who was unhappy with the constant steam of cars and now14 cyclists turning round in the pubs car park eventually told us a short diversion we could take.

Disaster stuck as we were leaving Sittingbourne. Nick came off his bike and although at first it appeared he was a shocked and grazed it soon became apparent he had broken his collar bone.

The van which was waiting for us 11 miles down the road drove back and Lyn and Louise then drove Nick in the car to the local hospital. The diagnosis was confirmed by x-ray

The cycling continued on after an hour delay. The GPS maps had had to be recreated a few times to suit the various devices we are using and routes varied a little but we all kept together and followed one device. We missed one turning and becouse we were running out of time to get the ferry rode a few miles along the A2. Not recommended but the descent to the port was good and we free wheeled at the speed limit.

Nick's diagnosis was confirmed at the hospital and he is booked information an operation on Sunday. Lyn and Louise eventually found s couple hotel rooms in Rochester and stayed with Nick overnight they hope to join us later today. Although we arrived at the port in time to load the van with the bike and a few passengers and get it on the 6:30 sailing it transpired that foot passengers had to arrive 1 hour before the sailing so we're took late to get it. The next sailing was cancelled so we had to wait until the 8:25 crossing. My bike would not fit in the van so I loaded with the cars.

The foot passengers got a taxi the short distance to the hotel and I cycled round on the pavements as my light we in the car.
Let's hope today 90 miles is less eventful. The blog will be updated later at the end of the trip.

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