Friday 30 March 2018

Alkmaar Day 6

The plan for the day was to visit the Alkmaar and the cheese market before leaving mid afternoon to drive to the next accommodation. On hindsight we wished we had booked another night but the next accommodation was already paid for. We packed the car and asked Piet and Jettie if we could leave the car on their drive whilst we cycled into the city. Peit and Yettie suggested we would be better to drive later and recommended a local restaurant to have a meal before we set off. We followed the cycle path to the centre of Alkmaar. The signed were a little confusing but did take us to the centre but not by the shortest route. We made our way to the main square where the cheese market was being held. It was a popular event watched by a large crowd that had gather to see the spectacle. We found a spot to lock the bikes and joined the crowd. Sledges of cheeses were being inspected then carried round the main square on sledges to be weighed. Having taken photos and video we sampled and purchased a cheese from a stall by the main square. We then made our way back to the Grote Sint Laurenskerkl. Deposited the bikes in the underground manned bike park and selected a bar for lunch. Our first choice only had seating outside so we went into the bar next door and had found two seats by the bar. After lunch we followed the walking tour route around the city bike. The tour took us past the ferry which was on of the options for the route into the city we were trying to find in the morning. Having returned to the Grote Sint Laurenskerk we decided to combine our route back with a ride and exited the city centre but this time by ferry. No signed posted route but we eventually crossed the route in we had taken in the morning. We turned in the opposite direction an eventually reached a foot bridge across a canal we had seen in the morning but had not taken. We crossed the bride and followed a route to the north of the city centre. Having established a possible route in for future trip we returned to the car. Jettie had reserved us a table a restaurant about 4 km away. We said goodbye to Piet and Jettie and we at the restaurant for 6.00pm. After a filling 2 courses we were on our way to Meerkerk and Broeks' Bed En Brood bed and breakfast. We arrived just after 9:30 pm. Kate took us 100 yards past the house but when we turned round and then saw the sign. We were shown a large room with ensuite with an entrance separate from the main house.

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