Sunday 21 April 2019

Mallorca Day1

For some reason yesterday's text did not appear

Preparations for Mallorca were completed this morning with a quick ride on the Brompton into Bourne for an emergency tooth repair kit.I am hoping not to need it but a piece of tooth came away whilst eating a piece of bread. I now have enough filler for 24 filling. We set off to East Midlands airport just before midday and used the chauffeured parking. It was a short walk to the terminal, there was no though at the checkin and we were soon thought security. The restricted height in the body scanner meant Robert could not adopt the correct pose so had to be frisked. 
The flight was uneventful. We had extra leg room seats over the wing in the middle of the plane and as in previous years were the last to be served. This year we were in luck  as they had one off our first choice of toasted sandwiches left. 

It was a long walk from the gate to the baggage reclaim. By the time we had sorted the rental van out the bags were on the conveyor belt and the bikes had appeared. 

The van was collected from Sixt and we were pleased to see it had a good collection of dents and scratches which we checked against their check sheet. We arrived in Puerto Pollenca just before 10:00pm local time. Apart Hotel Flora was located and we found a parking spot outside for the van. The pizza restaurant opposite was still open so having checked in we wandered down for a meal. The pizza was ok but fresh tuna spaghetti disappointing and too salty. The cold beer was very welcome.


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