Tuesday 7 April 2015

Friday 3rd

Friday 3rd April.

After breakfast Martin visited Bruce to collected his hire bike. He asked for the "***ist" bike in the shop but ended up with a smart hybrid but with racing tyres.Sue went walking and Martins bike was packed in the van for a ride from Ariany. The route was one we had done last year and went via Petra to the Bosch valley. Across to Sant Llorenc des Cardassar then to Manacor via the back roads. We wanted to be back in a reasonable time so them followed the cycle path alongside the motorway before cutting back to Petra and Ariany. The sun shone all day with temperatures in the hi teens. The bakery in San Llorenc was opened when we arrived. We were not shown their oven this year but the locals were arriving with trays of pies and Easter pastry's to bake. We shared a couple of wholemeal vegitarian pies and a meat pie with cheese followed by a sweet cheese pastry. ,After lunch we had had trouble finding the right road out of the village again but after a couple of detours eventually found ourselves on the Ma 4022. This year we took the minor track that cut the corner and got us off the main road. About 3km from Manacor we crossed a velo vert that opened in 2014 and runs for 29km along a former railway line from Manacor to Arte. We cycled the short section to Manacor and will do the rest of it this holiday..

We arrived back at 5:45 and had time for a shower been heading to Polleca for a meal and to see the Easter procession down the Calvari steeps. It was schedule to start at 9:00 but was nearly 10:00pm before the parade reached where we were standing on the steps.

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