Tuesday 7 April 2015

Saturday 5th

A ride around the Orient

We took the van and parked on the roundabout at Binali again. This time we took the Cami due Muro towards Santa Maria. It was especilly busy and after a couple of attempts 2 of us found the road towards Bunyola. Robert left Lyn behind and chased a German cyclist and then tagged onto the back of a large group and had a tow for 5km to the roundabout where the road turns off towards Bunyola. He then cycled back to find Lyn. Where was Martin? Was he in front or had he stopped to take more photos? A couple of texts later and after we had decided to retrace our route to Santa Maria we had the answer. He was lost and try buy a map! We thought he was behind when we turned but he was stuck at the crossing. Arriving back in Santa Maria we found Matin and headed back to Bunyola. We were going to have a coffee in the main square but it was too busy and and we could smell cigarette smoke from our table. We decided to continue on to the Orient. The Col de Honour is 4.9km at 5.9 %  . Robert climbed most of the way following a couple of cyclists leaving them when they slowed towards the top

He then descended to meet Martin and Lyn and had a second more gental assent. Sleeves we put on for the descent then short climb to the Orient. The original plan was to eat in Aloro but it was 2;00 pm and we were getting by hungry so we stopped at bar in the Orient. Martin made the best choice of cold beer and hot pasta as dark clouds rolled over and the sun went in before our cool coffee,Pa amb Oli and salad arrived. We were cold before we finished and should have sat inside. Tops we put on for the short climb and then fast descent to Alaro. We cycled though the centre of the  town. The bakers had shut for the day so no chocolate cake this year. After a Robert's ramble we finally got on the correct road back to Santa Maria.and then retraced our steps to b

Binali.We had a few spots of rain ,dark threataning clouds and strong winds on the descent from Alaro.However the rain stayed away and Lyn and Martin's cunning plan of sending Robert to get the van was not required. An excellent ride of between 35 ,42 or 46 miles!

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