Tuesday 7 April 2015

Tuesday 7th a ride from Ruberts

A ride from Ruberts.

We parked in our usual spot at the start of the mountain bike track. The bikes were reassembled and Lyn and I see off down the track and at the end of it turned towards Pina. We needed to be bsck at a reasonable time so planned a route that could be extended. Martin returned his bike the previous evening and was off on a walk with Sue. After Pina we went to Algaida and then took the pretty back road and cycle path to Llucmajor. In Llucmajor we turned towards Randa on the Ma 5010. There is a cycle  routethats marked on the map starting in Llucmajor but we avoided it because it included a climb a 9%. It was about 5km on the main road before the turnoff and it included a couple of long climbs.

Full details to follow.

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