Sunday 27 August 2017

A lazy Sunday afternoon

We were though the first lock before 12:00 and arrived at the second set at 12:40. We were stopping for lunch but were waved though just before 13:00. We continued 500 yards to the next set at stopped for lunch once we were though it. The ham , dried cure porch and bread we had got in the morning provided the basis of an excellent lunch. After lunch we continued to negotiate the canal and moored for the night about an hour past Clamecy. The two bikes we hired with the boat were used for a ride down the canal for Lyn and Louise and when Louise returned Robert rode down to meet Lyn.
We moored for the night in a very quiet spot. Lyn and I did the chopping and Chris prepared an excellent chilli. We eat outside and watched the sun slowly set. The weather today was sunny and hot I would estimate the low 30 degrees.

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