Tuesday 29 August 2017

Monday A day in the sun

24 km of cruising. The white ninja arrived with the coffee just after 7:00.
We decided to have a 2 course breakfast cereal and yoghurt followed by fresh croissants.

Chris set of on the bike in search of croissants , Roger and Gerry went for a run and Lyn ,Louise and Robert cast off. We all meet up at the first lock. Chris was empty handed so Gerry decided to join him on the second bike and they set off to look in a couple of other villages.

We all meet up again at Chantel-Censoir. Gerry and Chris's search was unsuccessful.

We took the opportunity to fill up with water at the boat yard, a 6 euro charge for as much as you can put in the tank. A ride and walk into the village and we finally found a Boulangerie that was open. Bread for lunch sorted. After lunch in the port we continued down the canal. A hot afternoon with temperatures around 32 degrees. At 17:20 Robert and took the bikes off the boat and cycled down the canal to the pleasant village of Vincelles about 8 miles away.

For dinner we dinned outside on the top of the boat. Chinese style pork with fresh vegetables. When the sun set we sat watching the stars and we rewarded by seeing a magnificent shorting star.

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