Thursday 31 August 2017

Day 5

The rain we experienced overnight had cleared by the morning .However the temperature was 20 degrees lower than the peak of around 35 degrees we had been experiencing. Roger set out on his morning jog with Louise accompanying him by bike whist Chris set off by bike to explore Maily-le-Chateaux. We were though the first lock just after 9:00 and were ahead of the Nichols boat we accompanied the previous evening.
We moored in the basin and walked / cycled up the hill to the village and chateaux. The cyclists Robert and Lyn had to take the road whilst the rest on the party climbed up a path through the woods. We meet at the view point at the top and admired the view across the valley and down to the river and canal. Bread for lunch and stamps were purchased before we returned to the boat . Canal tea shirts we put on and Chris assembled us for a team photograph.


Gerrys toe is improving and she was able to walk up to the view point in go for a bike ride later in the day.

The next section of the canal varied between the river and canal with locks lifting us out of the river and was particularly scenic. Gerry and Chris set off on a bike when we moored for lunch waiting for a lock to reopen. They rode to a supermarket in Chatel-Censoir for meat for tea but it had closed for lunch when they arrived.

When the lock reopened we continued up the canal. Whilst waiting for another boat in a lock Robert and Lyn took the opportunity to take the bike's off the boat and cycle the 15km to Coulanges-sur-Yonne. We located the butchers and fresh chicken was purchased. We were unsuccessful for others items on the list so they had to wait until we got to tonight's mooring spot in Clamency. As I write Chris is preparing tonight's chicken stir fry. It's smelling good.

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