Monday 30 August 2021

France Day 4 - Le Boat


A trip to the local boulangerie 50 yards from the house provided a croissant and cake for breakfast some bread and a leak quiche for lunch. We had time from a walk round the fortified village. The cross on the cake we selected was mirrored on the various signs around the town. Some googling required. The car was packed and ready just after 10:30 for the drive to the supermarket at 

Ozonac. The supermarket shut at 12:30  was we just had time to fill two trollies with 250 euros of provisions. Some careful packing was required but it was only a 6 minute drive to Homps. Gerry, Chris and Roger had already arrived and done the paperwork which took over an hour. They were in the café having lunch. The boat induction was booked for 14:00 so we found a shady parking spot and had a Brexton lunch.

On arrival in Homps we were able to park in front of the boat and unload the car. The 14:00 induction was delayed but by 16:00 the induction was completed and we have been for a test drive  and we were on our way heading towards Carcassonne. Our original plan was to go down the locks to Beziers but we were advised because the canal was busy we may not have time   get down and back up the locks. The complication of Gerry’s Chris and Rogers prebooked Covid test so they can return to the UK has meant we have decided to start by going towards Carcassonne for a day before turning round then going back towards Beziers.

The boats OK but showing signs of age and missing some basic items. We had to ask for a kettle and found when we went to cook tea only one ring on the cooker works at a time and if we could get the oven to light there is no grill pan and no pots suitable to put in the oven.

After a delay caused  cooking with just one ring vegetable pasta was prepared and eaten on the outside deck.

We sat out whilst it went dark looking at the stars.


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