Tuesday, 24 April 2018

A ride from Sancelles

Another warm day with a maximum temperature of 26.5 degrees.

We decided go start today's rode from Sancelles and ride to Porreres for lunch. We took the van to Sancelles and after a couple of trips round the town located the car park we had used previously. We started riding at 11:20 and once we had got our bearing we were on the minor road to Ruberts where we took the mountain bike track towards Monturi. To extend the ride we then turned towards Algaida . On reaching the main MA15 we took the service road along side for about 1.5 miles back towards Monturi before turn off on the minor road to Porreres. We arrived at around 1:30 and headed straight for Sa Placa a bar we had eaten in on a number of previous trips . We selected the menu of the day. 8.50 for a main course, desert and a drink. Lyn selected the fish and Robert a Mallorcan dish recommended by the waitress. It was tasty but not quite what he was expecting. When it came it turned out to be black pudding on a bed of cooked onions and pimentos on half a muffin with a friend egg on top.

We returned via Monturi, Lloret de Vista Alegre, Ruberts, Costix and then took a long loop back to Sencelles. The temperature cooled a few degrees in the afternoon and that made the cycling easier that than the morning.

We got back to the apartment at around 18:15.

Summary of the ride 36.6 miles with 539 metres of ascent

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Tuesdays ride

Tuesdays ride

Monday’s photos

Closed on Mondays, road to Sa Pobla, Campanet and Salmon and prawn paella

We don't open on Mondays

A ride from the apartment, The plan was to ride to Biniama for lunch and to see if a Bob and Agi and Agi a couple we meet two years ago were there.

A day in shorts and short sleeved top, Gilllets were taken but not unpacked, The temperature forecast was 22 degrees but the Garmin did record a high of 32,

We rode from the apartment taking the new bike path along the sea front to Llenaire. Lyn pointed out the new apartment adds 3 miles to the route from where we used to stay, it was then the back roads to the golf club and short stretch on the main road before taking minor road to Campanet, The route was a popular as ever with cyclists with several large groups racing past us, we stopped for a break at the seat before climbing the hill to Campanet. Lyn at a sensible pace whilst Robert sat on the wheel of two cyclists
We stopped for a coffee stop at a bar in Moscari we had visited on a number of ptevious occasions. The plan was go have lunch in the Bar de Mallorca in Biniamar. We need to extend the route so we arrived at a sensible time so diverted via Caimari and Mancor de la Vall. Lyn found the ascent to Mancor tiring but we were soon on the fast descent towards Biniamar and looking forward to our lunch . We arrived to find the Bar shut. Closed on Monday?

Fortunstely a bar round the corner was open and packed full of cyclists.
After lunch it was the the minor track to Inca. Getting though the city was aided by having a map displayed on the Garmin. We then took the minor road to Sa Pobla diverting into the centre to try and find a place for a cake and coffee.Several bars we open but the patisserie was shut. A diversion to Muro would have added 10 miles to the ride so we passed on having a cake.We return via the coves of Campanet and the back road from the golf club taking a small diversion to avoid the small climb. A ride of 53.8 miles with 688 metres of ascent .

After hydrating with tea a pot of tea a trip to Lidl in the van provided the ingredients for a salmon and prawn peella.

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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Mallorca Day 2

After a good night's sleep we awoke to a blue sky. The first job of the morning was to reassemble the bikes. The quick ride to the local supermarket and we had a couple of rolls for breakfast.

Lyn had done some research before we came and had discovered a local wine fare was taking place in Pollenca. It was only open between 10:00 and 14:00 do a trip to Lidl was posponed and we cycled to Polleca instead. After s little difficulty finding the Claustre De Sant Domimgo and having to resort to google maps we were soon paying our 12 euro per person. That gave us a wine glass, pen, a 4 euro discount off any bottle of wine purchased , and a booklet describing the 39 producers who were present each with good selection of wine to sample. A conversation with a couple from Warrington lead to a recommendation of a red to try.

We then worked our way round a selection of the stalls. Time was called just after 2:00pm by which time we were carrying the 4 bottles of wine we had purchased.As all we had eatern was a small breakfast and not had any lunch we headed to the main square for a peella and coffee. We took the more direct route on the back roads back to our accommodation and made a small detour past the accommodation we used to stay in. The flat looked the same but the small villa at the end of the garden had been knocked down and was being replaced by a new block of flats.

The front had also changed. The road is now only one way and a dedicated cycle lane had been built alongside the footpath. We checked the menu at Stay before returning to the villa for a cup of tea.
We had arranged to see Maria at 7:00pm to pay the balance of the accommodation and had time for a short ride before she was due to arrive. We planned to take the back roads to Alcudia and return via the sea front. Going we turned too soon and ended up at the front so took a minor track to get back on course.

When we reached Alcudia we turned towards Port de Pollenca and joined a steady stream of cyclists going round the bay. Progress was slowed by a head wind but we arrived back at the accommodation in time.

A trip to the Eroski was made to get provisions for tea. Lyn waited outside with the bikes to save her legs but soon had the unwanted attention of insects that bite. Even her ritual dancing could not keep them all at bay.
The Eroski had had a facelift and now offers a wider selection of freshly baked bread and fresh sushi.The later was very tasty as Robert had time to same it unaware of Lyns peril. We turned to the apartment to prepare a fresh salad for tea.

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Saturday, 21 April 2018

Arrived Safely

Time for a meal at the airport in Manchester . An uneventful flight followed. Collected the van and the key box for the apartment opened on the second attempt. Pronto pizza provided a takeaway meal and cold bottle of beer.