Sunday 6 August 2023

Norway Day 16 - Sunday 6th August - Aalborg and Drive to Tondor

 The day started with a walk to Netto to get some eggs for breakfast to have with the leftover potatoes from the previous evening. The eggs were finally located in a refrigerated cabinet and Robert returned to cook breakfast. The shop was very smart with  a wide range of food on offer and not like the discount shops that used to be in the UK. We had to be out of the apartment by 10:00 before the code on the outside door lock automatically changed. Robert had planned a bike ride in the area but instead we decided to visit Aalburg. We packed the car and left before the allotted time. We then had to send a text message to confirm we had checked out. We left the car at the accommodation. It was a 6 km cycle ride to the centre on dedicated cycle paths and quiet roads following a marked cycle route. Robert had downloaded a route for the Garmin but it was not required as the route was well signposted. Aalburg was well worth a visit and is the 4 largest urban settlement in Denmark. The New York Times even put Aalborg in its Top 10 Places to Go in 2019. It is on the narrowest crossing point on the Limfjord that separates the top of Demark from the mainland. It was a lovely city with a waterfront, some nice architecture and  lots of pedestrianised streets.

As it was a Sunday it was not too busy. We wandered round the pedestrianised streets avoiding those we could not cycle up. The locals like their car boots and we spotted a couple as we went round the town.

Wandering down one of the streets we found a local potter studio. There were lots of interesting ceramic sculptures including one of a naked  couple in a sauna. We stopped at a café before cycling back. We tried a “raisenbollen” and a chocolate rye bread. 

We left Aalborg just after 14:00 for the 3:15 hour drive to Tondor. We started on motorways but diverted from Kate's more direct route to more minor roads at Kolding and drove down the coast road. The open area at  the Kyst museum provided an opportunity to try out the drone. After a few technical issues getting it to calibrate Robert was finally able to get to launch. The flight was successful and he landed  it with incident back on the picnic bench. It will take some more practice to get some decent footage.

Kyst museum

When we arrived at the B&B we let ourselves in and found our room. Our host was away at a birthday party but had sent us the instructions on how to get in and find our room. The accommodation had a kitchen that guests could use. As the cool box was not working we waited until we were closer to Tonder before stopping at a supermarket to buy some food. We were not sure what cooking facilities would be so we purchased 2 ready meals of Asian noodles with pork from a Netto we passed in Sorsig Mark. The kitchen turned out to be fully equipped so we could have made something from scratch. Tea was cooked and we sat in the large guest dining room to eat it and  then retired to the more comfortable guest lounge

There were homemade schnapps on sale for  10 DK £1.15) as glass. You helped yourself and could have half glasses so we sampled 4 different flavours . The raspberry flavoured one was the best.

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