Tuesday 8 August 2023

Norway Day 16 - 7th August - Drive to Wildeshausen

 The buffet breakfast was excellent quality and included homemade rye bread and rolls. We even got to roll our own fresh oats to add to our cereal and yoghurt. We had several goes and as Robert wanted to take some video of the process . Grain was placed  in the small hopper at the top, the handle turned and freshly rolled oats came down the shoot. When we finished breakfast we used the last of our Danish Kroner to pay of the accommodation and purchased  some homemade jam for presents.

 The weather was disappointing as Robert had planned a morning bike ride but it was too windy with very strong gusts . We packed the car and decided to drive to Hojer Suice . Before leaving we spoke to some German cyclists who are about to set off on a day's cycling . They were in their 80’s and had bought electric bikes during the pandemic as there was “nothing else to do''. They were planning a short day of around 50 km but would have the prevailing wind behind them. They were braver than we were.

We stopped first at the windmill at the Museum Sønderjylland - Højer Mølle. A meticulously restored windmill from the mid 1800's . There is a small museum on site and a cafe with historically restored gardens. It was 100 kroner to  visit the museum and windmill and if we had had more time we would have paid to see it. Instead we drove the 2 miles to Vidåslusen, the point where the Hojer Suice enters the sea. It was extremely windy as we walked up the sea defences by the viewing tower. We had taken Lyn’s wheelchair . Lyn walked up the steps and Robert carried the chair. Getting to the top of the steps the chair acted like a small sail and Robert got blown backwards down the steps. Fortunately  he was able to stay on his feet. The tide was in when we were at the sluice so the gates were closed to stop sea water from flooding the area. The fresh water from the sluice is stored in a holding reservoir and released when the tide retreats.

While we walked round the sea defences and sluice a tour group were having a very long lecture on the area with many of the group starting to look a little bored. They boarded the coach for their  next stop whilst we drove  back to  Museum Sønderjylland for a coffee. Lyn had a good look around the shop but was not tempted by anything.The £30 price for a handmade cup and saucer might have put her off.

We decided to drive back to Tonder and have a quick tour of the town. We found some parking which we think was free and walked to the historic church and then down the pedestrianised streets.  There were lots of shops and even a large shop where everything they sold was to do with horn.

It was a pity we could not have stayed for longer but we had a 3 hour 45 minute drive ahead of us and we wanted to check in at the hotel around 6:00 pm.  We had planned to leave around 1:00 pm but it was 13:40 when we finally set off . When we reached the autobahn we stopped at the rest area for a late lunch.

Approaching  the Rader Hochbrücke bridge the speed limit suddenly dropped to 60 kph. Robert was in the outside lane and whilst attempting to get to the inside may have triggered a speed camera. We need to wait and see if he gets a letter,  however one benefit of Brexit is he may avoid as they have not way of tracing the driver. The journey was a lot slower than planned with it taking an additional hour and a half longer than forecast . We diverted off the motorway in Hamburg for a couple of junctions  to avoid one long delay. This had the added advantage that we were able to get diesel at non autobahn prices. We arrived around Wildeshauser Hof just before 19:30 and checked into the hotel. Fortunately the restaurant was open until 22:00 so we had time for a shower before going down to eat. We both had soup to start with, Robert  lentil and Lyn beetroot and sweet potato. We both had meatloaf for the main and shared a small beer and 0.5 litre of wine.

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