Tuesday 1 August 2023

Norway Day 12 - Tuesday 1st August - Drive to Dalen


We had breakfast on the balcony again, taking advantage of the view for the last time. The car was packed and we left the apartment just before 10:00. The quickest route to Dalen would have taken us back on the road we had travelled on from the Hardander Fjoid hotel. Instead we opted for a route that took us south from Bergen and involved crossing 2 fjords by ferry. There were a lot of tunnels as on the road as we left Bergen and the road tolls came to £5.27.

It took around 45 minute to reach the ferry port at Hatvik for the 12 minute crossing. We arrived just as the ferry was loading so drove straight on. There are no tickets. Your number plate is recorded when you drive on and I was  changed £5.72 for the journey via my Skyttelpass account. It was  lovely crossing with good weather and good views of the fjord as we crossed.

It was then a 45 minute drive to catch the next ferry from Gjermundshavn for the 20 minute crossing to Arnses (£9.72) . This time we were not so lucky with the timing and had around a 30 minute wait before we could load. The crossing gave us a good view of the fjord from the top deck of the boat. We spent the journey looking at the views , taking photographs and video and playing with the wireless microphones. Our recording equipment was upstaged by a man with a 3d camera on a long selfie stick. The road works coming out of Fusa had reduced a long stretch of  the road to one lane.

There was not the  room for larger vehicles to pass and Lyn had to get out of the car to check the road condition as I moved to one side to let a lorry past. It made it with inches to spare. The road was along the side of the fjord for around 25km. We stopped for a Brexton lunch by the Fjord. Shortly after our lunch and we stopped again at the first waterfall of the day. This was not marked on the map as worth seeing. We would have had lunch by the waterfall if we had known about it. Continuing along the side of the fjord we passed several fish farms with their floating houses before we reached the Folgefonna Tunnel .

This took us under  Folgefonna glacier. The 11.15 km tunnel was opened in 2001 and is the 4th longest tunnel in Norway and connects the village of Eitrheim and the town of Odda. Before the tunnel was built the journey would have taken over 4 hours. There were several waterfalls after the tunnel that had been marked on the map . We stopped the  Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall. You could not see the waterfall from the road and it was a good 10 minute walk up a steep track to get to a suitable view point.

Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall

Tjørnadalsfossen waterfall

Lyn stayed in the car and had to be content with a view of  Strandsfossen waterfall that was flowing into a small lake across the road. The road also  took us past the Latefossen waterfall. It's known for its twin tails . We didn't stay long . The waterfall  was just off a very busy Road and the best view was from the old stone bridge. The bridge did not have a  pavement and there was a constant stream of vehicles  in both directions.

We arrived in Dalen at around 7:00 pm and  drove first into the village to find a supermarket before locating our accommodation. We had arranged for a late check in so they had left the key in the door for us. We parked just off the road and had to walk up a slope at the side of the owner's house to reach our detached accommodation.


The cool box  had stopped  working but the salmon stayed cold in the box and was eaten for tea with a selection of fresh vegetables.

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