Thursday 3 August 2023

Norway Day 13 - Thursday 3rd August - Drive to Farsund

 Kate had the time to  drive to Farsund to be around 4:30 hours . We set off before 10:00 but did not arrive until after 18:00 . We had lots of stops on route. We climbed out of Dalen on the road we had taken the day before but did not stop for photos at the view point . We then turned off on the road to Flateland. The area is sparsely populated with the occasional cabin and had sheep wandering across and lying on the road. The waste collection for the chalets  is by a recycling facility that appeared to be located in the middle of nowhere.

We stopped to investigate . It was not you usual tourist designation but it was very clean and did not have the piles of unauthorised waste you would have found in the UK.  The weather was mainly fine but a heavy shower did cause  us to pull off the  road and wait for it to pass.

We had a few Brexton stops on route . The first was a rest area that included the ability to swim in the river and play a round of disc golf. 

Continuing on we spotted a stall selling Strawberries just off the main road. A quick U Turn took us back to to it . We nearly walked away as you could pay by using an honesty box but we hadn't got the right change. A lady eventually appeared and  rather than split a small note, wanted me to pay using a credit card. The strawberries were expensive, costing 60 Nok but proved to be very tasty.


Lunch was taken at a second rest area . The leftover vegetable curry was reheated on Robert’s Trangia cooker which is still going strong after 45 years. Before  setting off, a lady cyclist we had overtaken a few  miles earlier caught us up. She was doing well and Lyn had a brief chat with her at the toilets . We waved as we passed her again. 

About 50 minutes from Farsund we stopped at the Kvåsfossen,waterfall. This turned out to be the location Kvåsfossen salmon centre . A salmon Museum and the home of the second longest fish ladder in Norway. Unfortunately the museum was closed when we arrived but we were able to see salmon trying to jump the falls, unaware of the fish ladder that had been provided to give them easier access. The museum looks well worth a visit on a future trip.

If you zoom in the photo you can see a salmon trying to jump the falls

Lyn had cycled the few hundred yards to the falls whilst Robert walked. The dark clouds returned and as the rain looked more imminent so we beat a hasty return back to the car. The bike was stored in good time just before the rain started. Shortly after setting off  a heavy thunderstorm caused us to pull off the road and wait for it to pass.

Our accommodation, the Farsand had a view of the commercial wharf. We had the ground floor of the house. We were able to park outside but the  parking was at the top of the short steep drive. The space was quite tight at the top and Robert had to take the bike carrier off the car to have room to turn the car round and park it to allow sufficient room  for other cars.

Tea was pasta with vegetables, pasta sauce and bacon. The cooking facilities were limited. The pans needed replacing and there was no kettle or peeler. The cooker turned out to have a sensor above it that turned the cooker off in the middle of cooking. Robert worked out what had happened but could not get it to reset. A message to the host and we were sent instructions for what we had already tried. However the sensor reset when we tried for a second time and tea was saved.

We had a Skype call with Robert's parents later that  evening, the start of which we had to delayed because the problems with the cooker caused our tea to be later than planned.

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