Sunday 22 August 2010

Too Hot to Cycle

Yes we did cycle from just outside Albi on the Velo Vert towards Castres. The total length is 44 Km along a discussed railway line. We cycled for about 34 km before we turned around.. The car park at the start was full of cars most belonging to to runners who were taking advantage of the cooler early morning temperatures. We were wished "Bon Chance" as we off. We were expecting more cyclists but perhap they were waiting for a cooler day as the temperature reached 39 degrees C by early afternoon. The majority of the path was gravel and was surpisingly hillly. The day started with a 2 mile climb out of Albi. We cycled for 40 miles in total arriving back at the car just after 3.00pm. We past a couple of small villages on the cycle route but non with a boulangerie that was open so had to made do with the friut and biscuits we had taken with us for lunch.

The jouney to Casteljaloux took about 3 hours. We stopped at Mc Donalds for a late luch as that was all we could find that was open on a Sunday afternoon. 8 euros 50 for a salad and large portion of patatoe wedges to share.
We arrived at Le Clos Castel just in time for a swim and BretonT to to lock us out of the room!

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