Thursday 4 April 2013

Another day of sun

Earlier in the week ran had been forecast for Thursday . We awoke to a fine day and and a good forecast do decided to do a ride from Santa Margaluda. As in previous years we parked at the football stadium on the edge of the town. We had planned a ride along the beautiful Bosch valley . Before we could get there we had to follow the ecovise to the ma3400 and then to the ma12. The later had quiet busy but had a wide tarmac verge to cycle on and it was only a couple  of miles before be took small track which then joined the ma3330 towards Petra. After about 6 miles of climbing we then turned  and dropped down to the Bosch valley . We then headed towards Mancor but a couple of miles before we got there decided to add a loop to Santa Llorenc des Cardassar so took the minor track Cami de Son Ramon . This took us to the ma3323 which we followed to the town. lunch was had in local bakers . An excellent pasty filled with onion and a Panada filled with chicken and peas . We were even shown their special oven they used to cook the pies in. It had a large circular base that could be turned to fill and then remove the cooked pies. In full swing it could have kept most of the island supplied. Other was then onto Mancor via the scenic route .We had then planned to take the ma3320 to Petra but could not cross from the cycle path which rang alongside the main road. Next time I would go Bosch up the Bosch valley . We had to follow the road for a couple of miles further than planned we could cross and headed to Petra. There was time for an icecream in bar before we headed back on the cycle path to Maria and then Santa Margaluda.  A round trip of 58 miles.

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