Wednesday 10 April 2013

Cake Sampling in Alaro

Lyn does not like to miss out and after my climb of the Orient yesterday and almond cake in Alaro she wanted to see for herself . We parked in Biniali again but this time head north and joined the Cami de Muro or "water road ". We followed this to Santa Maria and then took the minor road up to Alaro . We arrived at lunchtime. I had cunningly delayed the start of our ride by having to drive back to the apartment for my cycling shoes to ensure we arrived at a suitable time. The bakers were still open. We quickly selected a meat and vegetarian pie for lunch but Lyn had a dilemma with the  cake . In addition to yesterdays almond cake the baker had a chocolate cake and light fruit cake with walnuts on the top. The almond cake was eventually selected and we had lunch in the main square. After lunch it was the climb of the Coll de Orient , 5.2 km at 5.1%. After the climb we dropped down to the village and had a poor value coffee and piece of cake. Rather than continuing to Bunyola and having to go on the busy road back to Santa Maria we retraced our steps and enjoyed the descent to Alaro and followed the minor roads round to Moscari .  Our "usual bar" was open so we stopped for a small beer.  We would normally  have continued on to Campanet and then Port de Pollenca but as the van was in Biniali we then  took the minor road to Inca where once we had negotiated a couple of busy roudabouts we got back onto the cycle path which eventuality took us  to the Cami de Muro. We followed this for around 7 miles , this time against a stiff head wind ,  before turning  and retracing our steps back to Biniali .  A round trip of 46 miles. The temperature rose though the the afternoon and must have reached  20 degrees plus.  Another good ride. Oh Lyn found the Almond cake to sweet and I agreed . It  must have tasted different after 60 plus miles and 4 main climbs!

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