Friday 12 April 2013

Thursday .A ride to the South of Lucmajor .

The plan when we set off was to park at Sant Jordi near the airport and start a ride from there. However when driving to Sant Jordi we realised that the roads we had planned to take around the airport were very busy and so instead we drive further round the coast and parked in the residential development of Bahia Grande. We set off on the minor road towards Lucmajor . We missed the turn we intended to take but had the consolation  of cycling on a pretty track almost all the way to Lucmajor. It was then along the Cami de Palmer and back towards the coast on the Cami de Cala Pi.It was when Lyn  stopped to photograph some flowers when Robert spotted a small tortoise  apprximately 2 inches across ,Testuda Hermanni Hermanni Mallorca,soaking up the sun.
We took several photographs before leaving him to enjoy the sun in peace .We continued on our way ,when we reached the Ma 6014 we crossed and continued to the unfinished development of Valigornera. We had intended taking the mountain bike track round the coast for a couple of miles to S'Estanyol de Migjorn. However Lyn found it to rough as retraced our steps and cycle the 7 miles to the town. It was now nearing 4pm and we were overdue our lunch ! The problem was solved by the Es Mallet de S'estanyol on the main road by the marinia . A three course menu of the day for 9 euros and that included a bottle of wine between us.  We selected an excellent potato salad with tuna and egg to start . We shared the main courses of chicken with garlic and fried fish and both had cream caramel to finish.  We then continued the 1.5 miles along the coast road to Sa  Rapita before cutting inland and making our way back the 16 miles to Bahia Grande . Our cycling map at a scale of 1:100000 suffers from the draw back that not every path and track is shown . It was whilst examining the map we had our second wildlife siting of the day when a Pine Martin crossed the road. Turned to look at us from the wall then disappeared into the bushes.
We were late back to the apartment , Lyn was full from her lunch do we had a snack in before setting of to see Bony again. A sangria later and we were ready for a portion of chips from the chip stall. They even have a draft beer pump so you can have a drink whilst you are waiting for them to cook. You do not get that in England. A good days cycling a round trip of 46 miles.

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