Tuesday 2 April 2013

Flight to Palma

Our Jet2 flight to Palma departed about 1 hour behind schedule. The delay easy caused by the baggage handlers being slow to put through bags on the plane. Fortunately the pilot decided to wait and we were able to watch of cases being amongst the last to be loaded . We had been asked if we had wanted to check in our cabin bags but sensibly declined. An uneventful flight and we were soon important Palma "1 hour ahead of the wrong time the pilot gave us. He added the extra hour twice." There was not delay in getting the casessions and within 15 minutes of touching down we were getting the keys for our Renault Kangoo van. With typical German efficiency from Sixt and we were on our way. We arrived in Puerto Pollenca at around 9:15 and had time to walk the mile to the town centre . The chip shack was shut so we had a beer and pasta snack in a cafe instead .

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