Sunday 5 May 2019

Mallorca Day 15

We eat in the apartment having a leftover tea of pea and bean risotto. 
We missed out on the Mega Bony happiness the previous evening  becouse of the heavy rain and stayed in the appartment watching Spanish television. A mother reunited with a lost daughter and a very strange quiz show were contenants we slowly eliminated in a variety of bizarre    ways .

The heavy rain of the previous afternoon and evening had cleared by the morning. As no-one was going into the apartment Maria said we could stay until 5:00pm. We packed our cases and set off on a ride taking the back roads to Campanet.  The photos I have uploaded have appeared out of order. We stopped at the new bar by the church of Sant Miquel and then continued towards  Selva and took a minor road track that  was shown on  the Garmin towards Inca. The Garmin directled us on the back roads round Inca and we then had a mile on the main road before joining the Inca Sa Pobla minor road. We turned off up the hill to Buger.

 A busy market was taking place. An English couple stopped us to talk out out Hewitt bikes and we had a pea and meat  pie and vegetarian pasty from Forn Ca ' n Rafel. After climbing the hill to Campanet we returned to the apartment via the golf club and the back roads.  A round trip of 43 miles.  The van was packed and the appartment tidied and we we ready to leave just after 17: 00. The minute after send  Maria a Whatsapp to say the keys were in the box she arrived.  We said our goodbyes and set off for Porreres . Unfortunately we were past Pollenca when I realised the bread knife from the appartment was still in the van. I had used to shape some cardboard packing for the bikes. 40 minutes later and with the bread knife returned we were setting off again. We arrived at Can Feliu just after 19:00 and were greated by Carinia once we were able to open the electric gate. We rejected the simple evening meal of bread , meat and cheese and instead cycled into Porreres and selected L' Escrivania to eat. We shared a salad and each had the salted cod as a main and then shared a cheesecake desert which could have feed four. Confusion over the wine order resulted in us getting a bottle rather than 2 glasses of the house red. A problem we resolved by the end of the evening.  After an excellent meal we cycled back to the vineyard. The road onto the vineyard was unlit but the Cateye front lights provided enought light to slowly cycle. 

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