Monday 6 May 2019

Mallorca Day 16- A ride to the coast

We were first to arrive for breakfast.  It was an excellent spread  including the choice of cold meats and cheeses we had rejected than previous evening.  After fruit salad, cereal, an omelette each , a selection of meat ,  cheese and salad washed down with several cups of coffee we were ready for our ride to the coast.  The most direct route would have been to take main road to Campos.  However the Garmin maps showed a possible route on minor tracks avoiding main road.  We cycled out of Porrerres past policemen waiting to stop an unsuspecting motorists and onto the minor track.  After a short climb we were soon descending We found the route blocked on a couple of occasions by private drives and we had to retrace our steps.We eventually found a gravel track. After several miles the  surface changed to fresh  tarmac which then took  us to the outskirts of Campos.The MA 4030 to Sa Rapita was disappointing.  It was marked as scenic road on  the map. However although not very busy was a main road which long and straight with very little scenery.  It was 9km to Sa Rapita and at least it was downhill with the wind behind us. Although it was lunchtime we were still full from breakfast so we continued cycling round the coast to S'Estanyol de  Migjorn. We then attempted to take a track round the coast but the way was block by a locked gate. We took the main road instead towards Llucmajor turning off after a gentle ascent for a couple of miles. We turned again for Llucmajor after another couple of miles this time on a minor track. It was a quiet track  and an Mallorcan tortoise was spotted (Testudo hermanni) when we stopped for a break. We had last seen one several years ago and after being a little shy a head finally appeared from its shell. We stopped in main square in Llucmajor for lunch and then took the minor road and track to the side of Randa and minor road back to Porreres a round trip of 45 miles.Sunday night was tapas night and we joined a German family and 3 German couple for Tapas. A good selection of dishes but slightly different from the ones that were on  the menu. The meal was finished off with an espresso coffee and glass of their homemade grappa.

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