Wednesday 8 May 2019

Mallorca Day 18

We had breakfast outside on the terrace again but this time we were prepared and wore long trousers.  We started the day with a trip into Porreres on the bikes to go to the market and a shop on the outskirts that sold lots of local produce  Carine had recommended . 

We were back around 11:30 and changed into our cycling cloths for the last ride of the holiday. Coming back from the market we spotted a small  cami that went in the direction of Sant Joan. The cafe in the  main square was busy with a couple of large groups of cyclists so we continued to Loret de la Vistalegre.
 We had a choice of 3 bars to eat in and eventually selected a bar on the main road. We ordered a vegetable crepe and a beer each and wondered if we would have been better with one of the other bars as you would not describe the waiter as being too friendly. When  the crepe arrived it was freshly cooked and tasted better than it looked from the photo of the filling . After lunch it was the Cami to Ruberts and then a track to Costitx. The track  had good views across to the mountains . Some of the displays from the previous weeks flower festival were still in place in Costitx. We avoided the main road to Sineu . The Garmins map was correct and we crossed the main roads taking  a minor cami that turned into a gravelled path and the looped round towards Sineu. It was then roads back towards Lloret de Vista Alegre and on towards Monturi . A strong headwind slowed our progess but it was warm enough that a windproof top was not required. It was the first ride of the holiday were the top stayed in the bag all day.

We stopped in the usual bar we visit and sat on the large  terrace  with its good view and enjoyed a coffee and shared a large expensive piece of almond cake. It was then back to Can Feliu.  The bikes were packed in the bike boxes and we paid Carine. She had not confirmed  their account had received the balance I had transferred but assumed the funds  were in place. We ate in the the hotel again.  The meal of a Mallorcan peasant stew with bread,  tomato salad, stuffed aubergine and homemade cheesecake was very good. It was disappointing that we were the only couple eating and service by our private chef was a little to fast. Once we were served our grappa we were given instructions on how to turn off the lights and background music. The  chef left a wrapped round of sandwiches on the side with some fruit juice and coffee pods and then left.  We returned to our room to pack. The olive oil we had bought and unopened bottle of wine was carefully wrapped and strapped in place in the bike boxes. The packing was finished and alarm set 6:30.

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