Friday 4 March 2022

Day 6 - Oh no blocked toilet!!

After yesterday’s rain we awoke to a dry morning. Morning coffee in bed was prepare facilities were used but contents did not disappear never to be seen again. Each attempted flush only resulted in the bowl getting fuller. The  morning bike ride was cycling up the tow path so Lyn could use the  Grindley Brook  boater facilities . When we got back at the boat the boat yard was open so the call was made. The initial plan was them to meet us at the top lock but when the mechanic call back he diagnosed a pump out was required so told us to proceed to Whitchurch Marina. We ascended the Grindley flight. The system for ascending the staircase was different to going down. This time you had to start with the bottom lock empty and middle and top lock full. On reaching the top our waste was disposed of at the boater facilities and we then stopped to fill with water. The boat design for this is not ideal as the fill point is at the side of the boat and this time was on the canal side. The tank was filled without dropping the key or the screw cap in the canal and without falling in.

We then continued though the swing bridge and past the Whitchurch arm. The Whitchurch Marina was a few minutes away. Having asked were we should go for a pump we were told where to moor up. The technician was really helpful. The pipe was connected and problem resolved although the waste tank was not full.. The marina is a base for ABC boats but as our boat was not one of theirs he could come on board to check the toilet. However he did tell me what to look for and lend me a torch and watering can full of water! With the problem cleared we were on our way mooring for a late lunch after two lift bridges. The sun came out in the afternoon a sunscreen was applied although it did get colder later on. We continued cruising for a couple of hours and this time turned left onto the Prees branch. It was about half an hour to the marina at the end where we had to wind the boat. There was no suitable mooring at the marina so we retraced our steps but this time stopped at the mooring between the two lift bridges.

A quite day on the canal and we only past 4 moving boats all day

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