Thursday 3 March 2022


Wednesday 2nd March


A leisurely start to the day with coffee and card a present opening in bed. After breakfast it was still raining so we caught up with diaries and blogs and set off around 11:20 when the rain has reduced in intensity. With a full set of Gortex waterproofs you don’t get wet but it is more pleasant cruising in the dry. We had some locks and lift bridges to negotiate before reaching Wrenbury. At Wrenbury the lift bridge was automatic. Once the control panel was located all it took was the Canal and River Trust key  to be inserted and turned  and a button pressed and held in for the barriers across the road to close and the bridge to be raised. We wanted to visit the village store. We should have moored before the lift bridge as the footpath was were muddy after the lift bridge and we did not want to wade our way through the mud with the Brompton. We moored for lunch at the 48 hour mooring but from there it was a path across the fields to the village. After lunch we continued for a short distance to Wrenbury Health where the canal ran alongside the road again. We then cycled the short distance to the village. Locating the store but first continuing to the lift bridge to take some photographs. The store was well stocked, chicken for the nights curry and other essential were purchased including a couple of emergency chocolate brownies. Returning to the boat we then continued cruising. The rain had stopped and did not return until after we had moored up for the night. The last lock of the Bradley Lock flight proved challenging. One of the ground paddles was out of order. The lock was slow to fill and when it was nearly flow the water was flowing out our as fast as it was entering. Eventually Robert was able to open the gate and Lyn could get the boat into the lock. We moored for the night in open countryside a short distance from Stonley Green. We Are moored a short distance from a 70 foot turning circle so we can have some options of where we turn round in the morning. The rain started again shortly after we moored up. A tea of chicken curry was prepared and the significant birthday toasted with Champagne. Yesterday’s crepes were such a success we decided to make them again. The TV signal was intermittent so we finished the night catching up on a canal blog.

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