Thursday 3 March 2022

Llangollen Canal Day 5


Thursday Day 5

We awoke to rain again. We were ready to set off before 9:00 but delayed our departure because of the rain. The forecast was for it to improve later in the morning with a higher probability if rain in the afternoon. Blogs were updated and diaries written. We set off at around 10:00 in light rain and decided to turn round at the winding hole that was just round the corner. We would not have had time get to get to Hurlesrton Junction and turn around there. There was another winding hole a little further on but that would have involved going through two locks. The rain continued all day getting heavier in the afternoon.

The middle lock at Baddley proved troublesome again. When it was nearly full water was leaving as fast as it was flowing into the lock. Eventually we able to push on the lock gate and open in enough to let the waters levels equalise so we could open the gate fully. It took us over half an hour to get though the lock

We past 4 boats that were cruising all day. Most sensible boaters deciding to stay where they were. The automatic lift bridge at Wrenbury was opened for us as we arrived just as it was being opened. We has thought of going to the store again and cycle up the hill from the mooring just past the lift bridge. The weather meant we stayed on the boat. The remains of last night’s chicken curry provided an excellent lunch and one of the “emergency brownies” we consumed.

 We continued cruising to just past Povey’s Lock where we moored for the night at 16:30. We are a short distance from the Grindley Brook 6 and staircase lock which we will tackle tomorrow. We also will need to get water from the point at the top of the locks. The boat does not have a water gauge so we are hoping are supplies will last until then

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