Friday 28 July 2023

Norway Day 8 - Friday 28th - July Kistefos Museum

 We selected Honefoss because of its closeness to the Kistefos Museum and its sculpture park. 

It was 165 Nok for the entrance fee  (£12.45) and that was because Lyn asked and we were mistakenly granted a senior Citizen discount of 25 Nok. We need to be 67 to qualify for the discount. We did state our correct age but it might have got lost in translation. We only realised later when we looked to see how much an annual ticket that included 3 other museums would have been. The Heni Museum was included on the list as well as a gallery in Bergen and had we known yesterday we might have bought the pass. Before we left we went back to the reception desk to pay the difference but were told we did not have to pay anything else. We should “consider the discount a gift and we could leave with a clear conscious” . The sculpture park was excellent and well worth a visit. It is built in the ground of an old pulp mill and includes art galleries, a sculpture park and  an industrial museum . There are more than 50 sculptures from a range of internationally famous artists including Anish Kapoor, Yayoi Kusama, Claes Oldedburg, Tong Cragg and Marc Quinn.

We started at the Twist Gallery that spans the river. An impressive piece of architecture that as well as providing a unique crossing is a sculpture and exhibition space. The temporary display was by the British artist Sir Tony Cragg .

We then wandered up through the grounds following the river upstream to the old paper mill. We shared a pizza for lunch before going round the mill. The old machinery that had been used to make paper was still in place and you could follow the process  from cutting the logs , removing the bark and then grinding the logs to turn the wood into pulp. We then continued wandering through the grounds seeing the majority of the sculptures as well as going into a couple of the galleries.

We returned to the Honefoss via the Hadeland Glassverk. Lots of opportunities to purchase very expensive hand blown glass. A  hand blown chandelier with 3 drops was over 1000 euros . It was very expensive and for the price we could get something of a much finer quality in England . We did not pay to watch the glass blowing but wandered through the shop before driving back to Honefoss

Before cooking tea we had a short cycle into Honefoss to photograph the Terrace View waterfall feed from a weir on the Begna river. 

Tea was Salmon with fresh vegetables. Frozen salmon is surprisingly cheap in the supermarket and costs less than chicken. We cooked 4 pieces wrapped in foil and had 2 pieces cold the next day for our lunch the next day.


  1. Looks like an entertaining trip with lots of salmon, and I'm not sure about the ordering of your postings!
    Have fun.

  2. The post that is out on order was posted whilst on holiday. The rest of the days are being published now I have returned .The blog will be updated in order to cover the whole trip and then posting dates changed to reflect the actual date.