Sunday 23 July 2023

Norway Day 3 - Sunday 23rd July - Rendsburg Transporter Bridge

 Breakfast at Weinbeck was very good, having made our choices on the tick list the evening before.  Our choice included smoked salmon and scrambled egg, cheese, fruit, yoghurt and homemade spelt rolls.  We were also served a little ‘house cake’ at the end of breakfast which consisted of sponge with fruit and muesli on the top.  Quite a few people staying so it was busy at breakfast.  Raining today and as it was a Sunday, the Lidl supermarket opposite the hotel was closed.  We did however, use the wine shop facilities to buy the quota of wine we are allowed to take into Norway – 4 x 70cl bottles each, plus some for Denmark!  Surprisingly for a wine shop, there were some decent wines at reasonable prices.

We did not have so far to drive today, but as it was raining our options were limited.  Google informed us of a ‘transporter bridge’ which we drove to and then realised it transported cars over the river for free, so it was essential to try it out. 

Cars a passenger are transported across the Keil  canal on the road platform hanging from the railway bridge above. A smooth and quick journey and timed to avoid any passing ship. The bridge was erected between 1911 and 1913 to a design by Friedrich Voss (1872–1953) and replaced the earlier swing bridges. Google also advised us of the whereabouts of a bakery that was open on a Sunday for the purchase of rolls to go with the green cheese for lunch by the bridge.  After lunch we continued our journey into Denmark. Kate did not point out the lane we needed to be in when joining motorway so we ending up going in the wrong direction past  the cars queuing in the roadworks we had been in the day before. The was about 10 km before the next junction and then we navigated across the country to join the motorway past the roadworks. It was then a straight forwards journey onto Funen Island for our B&B accommodation, arriving just after 5pm.  Convenient for unloading from the car straight into our room, but we made an error as we did not notice that the accommodation had a shared bathroom – there are quite a lot of places with this option in Denmark.  Turned out to be okay actually as two good bathrooms available.  Our host advised us where to go for food and we drove 10 minutes to Kerteminde on the coast for an expensive but tasty and filling Thai meal.  £54 without any drinks – sparkling water was ‘free’.

Transporter bridge Rendsburg

Transporter bridge Rendsburg

                                                    Thai Starter

                                             Bronks Bed and breakfast

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