Saturday 22 July 2023

Norway Day 2 - Saturday 22nd July - Drive Rensburg

 We arrived in Rotterdam at 8am, but it took about 1.5 hours to leave the ship and clear customs.  We drove through Holland towards Germany and a detour on route caused by roadworks  just happened to take us near the cheese shop we found last year – so it was rude not to stop for some Dutch cheese.  We decided to try the ‘Pesto’ flavour which was very green but was tasty.  Deciding to picnic for lunch, we parked in the same car park we used last year when we explored Amersfoot by bike.

A long journey ahead, we pressed on into Germany using motorways to Rendsburg and our hotel for the night ‘Weinbeck’ which as the name suggests, has a wine shop attached!  Quite a boring journey which just seemed to get longer the more traffic we encountered!  We were just in time for the meal that we had asked for in advance.  Small but adequate menu and we splashed out on two courses as it was our first real night on holiday.  Quite tasty.  Cucumber soup with smoked salmon, followed by pan fried perch sat on pea risotto, served with a salad.

                                                                Farmhouse chees shop

                                                                Green Pesto Gauda

Brexton coffee stop on route

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