Monday 24 July 2023

Norway Day 4 - Monday 24th July - Cycle ride round Odense

 Breakfast at 8am where we were the only two taking it – perhaps the £12 price tag put people off!  Turned out to be excellent with yoghurt, scrambled egg and crispy bacon, rolls – including homemade, selection of fruit, tomato, pepper, cheese and meat, local fruit juice in little bottles, homemade jam. We took a roll each and some cheese for our lunch as we could not eat everything in the basket they provided for us.  Robert had two bike rides planned and we chose the shorter one of 37 miles as although the weather looked to have improved, it was still a bit unsettled.  Lovely ride through very slightly undulating countryside on very quiet roads.  We diverted into the city of Odense, looked around and had an expensive (£7) take away coffee each.  The ride ended up being 45 miles with the city excursion and a diversion due to a road closure!  A pity we did not have another day to do the other ride.  Went back to Kerteminde in the evening for fish and chips (114 DK each) from a wooden shack, eaten by the sea. Interesting as the fish was coated in breadcrumbs and the chips were ready salted and extra crispy.  Served with coleslaw and tartare sauce.

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