Thursday 17 April 2014

20 miles for a pie

20 miles for a pie.

A little cooler today so the windproof top stayed on for 5 miles. We started today's rode in  Ariany. It was a short ride to Petra and we then followed the MA 3330 to the turn off for the Bosch valley. The route drops down into the pretty valley . We spotted the trees ( photos aready uploaded ) but not sure what they are. The are grown in a square grid about 2.5 metres apart and they were around 4 metres high. All the lower branches had been trimmed. You can continue on the road to Manacor. However we turned off onto took the Cami de Son Ramon. We had done the ride last year and had problems finding the correct turn as our 1:100000 map does not show all the minor roads.   On teaching the main road we crossed it and took the scenic but a little hilly road to Sant Llorenc des Cardassar. On reaching the town we soon located the bakery we had found last year. Between us we had 2 empandas ,1 onion pasty both with wholemeal pastry, 2 apricot sweet pastys and 4 coffees.  The only disappointed was we not asked to view their large oven we had been shown last year . After our late lunch we took the scenic route to Manacor and then the minor roads back to Ariany via Petra.  A round trip of 43 miles.

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