Tuesday 22 April 2014

A second rest day

Sunday 20th

The forecast had a 35% chance of rain so we decided to drive to Soller to visit the botanical gardens.  The guide book and leaflet said it was open until 2:30. However it is now closed on Sundays and Mondays. A steady stream of disappointed tourists arrived at the  locked gate whilst we decided what to do. We took to opportunity to explore the town centre and found a free Miro exhibition underneath the railway station . We then drove to Port de Soller for a walk along the seafront and an ice cream.  We returned to Port de Pollensa via the mountain route.  The weather had improved by the time we returned so we decided to cycle on the back roads to Pollensa for the Cuttlefish festival Lyn had read about on the Internet before we left. We  tried the port but there was not a cuttlefish in site. The best we could do was to have a tapas in a restaurant on the front with cuttlefish as one of the dishes. The deep fried rubbery fish in a dry hard batter was perhaps not the best example of the cuisine. The rest of the meal was passable but the "computer system" had failed so only half the dishes we ordered arrived by the time they came to clear the plates . The mistake was sorted and we cycled back to Port de Pollensa around the bay. After a shower we cycled into town for a drink at Bony's bar. He stored our bike overnight in the bar when I had an excursion to the hospital in 2011 and gave us a warn greeting when we arrived. A large Sangria ensured we slept well.

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  1. Very good, and prolific! We missed Lyn on Tuesday, but not even she would have stopped Glenn from blowing the 6 points we would have got in the all or nothing round.