Wednesday 16 April 2014

40 mile ride from Ruberts

A ride from Ruberts.

Parked in our usual spot at the start of the mountain bike track. My windproof top was not required.  It was worn for the first mile and then spend the rest of the day in my back pocket. We headed to Lloret de Vista Alegro and then on to Montuiri. We cycled up the hill to the town so I could use the free WIFI but it was not available. The old man we had seen in previous years was still sat outside the bar enticing cyclists to stop.  Their terrace has wonderful views but it  too early to stop and only a short ride to Montuiri where we planned to have lunch in a cafe in its main square.
We went to a cafe we had visted on one of our previous trips.  The set menu was 7 euros for a beer,  main couse and coffee. We both opted for braised chicken and rice. After Porreres we headed to Vilafranca de Bonany and then Petra. We had to do a couple of miles along a bike path that ran alongside the motorway. (Separated by a fence). It was surprisingly quiet and we could have continued all the way to Manacor. The square in Petra was packed with cyclists.  In addition to the cafes there is now a shop selling expensive bike wear. After Petra we continued to Sineu and then took a minor track Cami de Montuiri that was not on the map. We evenully found ourselves back in Lloret de Vista Alegra. Rather than retracing our earlier tracks we continued on the main road and so we could take the mountain bike track back to Ruberts. An extra couple of miles that seemed longer than than it looked on the map !

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