Tuesday 15 April 2014

Day 2

The day started with a trip to the Supermarket to stock up with provisions and raid their cardboard skip to provide some extra packing for when we put the bikes in the back of the van without using the bike boxes.
It was a little cooler when we set off on our ride so Windproof tops or gillets were worn.These came off later in the day when the sun came though the cloud. We took the back roads to Campanet and then on to Moscari where we stopped at the bar in the square.  Arriving in time for lunch but no tapas were on display so we just had a coffee. We then followed the road to Binianar where we stopped at a small bar and had an excellent Pa  anb oli. Bread with dried ham, cheese olives and tomatoes. Excellent value at less than 10 euros for both of us with a small beer.
After lunch we took the track to Inca and after working our way though the town taking a couple of wrong turns and being chased by dogs we eventually found ourselves on the minor road to sa Pobla. We skirted the town and took the and took the road to the coves of Campanet.  We have cycled past them on numerous occasions but had never tried the terrace bar. It offered excellent views accross the valley  for which they charged a 90 cent per coffee premium over the bar in Moscari. We then continued back to Porta
Pollensa taling a wrong turn on the back roads and extending the ride by a couple of miles. A round trip of about 50 miles.

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