Thursday 21 August 2014

A trip to Spain

Thursday 20th. A Trip to Spain Breakfast was at 9.00am. It was a little warmer so the table was set up outside. It made a change for everyone to eat at the same time like one large family. Our family consisted of a friendly Italian couple who were touring France on a Harley Davison. A middle aged French couple who lived near Paris. A Belgium pig farmer, his wife and two young children who had taken a week away from the farm, and two Belgium women with a young child. We had a good selection again and were the only couple who eat any of the fruit. We sampled the homemade bread, cake and omelette and it would have been rude not to try a slice of cheese and the homemade jam. The French lady remarked she was going to take up cycling so she could eat more! We said our farewell. Patrick and Tinne recommended a vineyard to get so wine and Armagnac just outside Castera Verduzan so this was our first stop. We then continued to Lavardens and the Castle. We had visited it last year when it had a hosted a glass exhibition. This year it was exhibition of the sculpture Jean-Loius Toutain and his exaggerated mainly human forms. After an interesting hour or so we wandered out of the castle and round the village. The restaurant we had spotted the previous year was closed for 2 days to coincide with our visit. Fortunately we located another a short distance away and after our lack of proper lunch yesterday opted for the 13.50 euro menu of the day for 2 courses with glass of wine. After a pleasant lunch it was then a 15 minute drive to Roquelaure. We had visited it last year and wanted to get some more of their Armagnac and a few bottles of their wine. After a comprehensive tasting we just had time to go to the centre of Auch stopped at the Decthalaon on the outskirts first for Lyn to get some new canoe shoes and cycling sunglasses. It was then a 2 hour 30 minute drive to Beilsa. Kate decided to add a scenic detour as we climbed up the pass but eventually took us back to the main road. Spain is reached via the Beilsa tunnel. A one way system was in operation so we had a 10 minute wait before going through the tunnel and driving the 10 or so miles to Beilsa. We located the hotel and we pleasantly surprised by the quality of the room. The only thing that was missing was aplug fot the bath or basin but this was soon improvised with a plastic bag so Lady Grey could bathe.The hotel had good reviews but is only 45 euros a night including breakfast. We eat in the hotel. Dinner service started at 8:30 so because it was Spain who tend to eat later we wander down at around 9:20. The staff we friendly but did not speak any English. The young waiter even got a custom made google translation of the menu. We had the 3 course set meal fort 15 euros. Robert’s bread soup to start with served with 2 eggs was excellent. Ly n’s pasta soup and interesting soup choice that can in a huge terrine from which you served yourself until you could eat no more. We both had trout for a main course and crème brulee to finish. The wine was good but fizzy water had added sweetener! The couple on the next table opted for the a la carte. Their main course was half a cow each served with a few chips and grilled red peppers. They spent the rest of the meal tabling pictures and spending them to their friends. They did manage to finish. At leat our trout was a normal size. We could see 3 TV’s from where we sat each tuned to a different station. They all showed the weather forecast of heavy rain for the next day. We may have to revise our plans.

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