Sunday 17 August 2014

A drive to the Dordogne

Another leisurely breakfast. We packed the car and decided to visit Milly La forret and Le Cyclops. We knew it was only open at 1:30 but thought we might get a good view from the outside. We stopped in the village square for bread and had to join the queue at the boulangie. The old market place with its chestnut frame provided a backdrop to the busy square.

Le Cyclops was not sign posted from the village centre but Kate came to the rescue was took us the last 1 mile out of the village to the forest. The Cylops was created by Swiss artist Jean Tinguely. The text below is taken from the web site. web site the Cyclops is a seventy four foot high sculpture created from over 350 tonnes of steel. “The huge body-less Head, glittering with mirrors, with a single eye, a mouth from All which trickles water onto a slide tongue, and weighing a year ear tone, houses in a surprising world icts Midst Where spectators are Invited to follow a maze- like itinerary to discover varied and 'complementary works, acoustic sculptures, a small theater and automatic, Where the brain Would Be, Some Tremendous machinery with scrap-iron gears, as intriguing as They Are eclectic. Extremely rich This album encompasses oven art movements: Dada , New Realism (new realism), Kinetic Art and Art Brut. Swiss artist Jean Tinguely's The Cyclops, Also Known As "The Head" or "The Monster in the Forest", is a unique monument in the history of contemporary art. With The Cyclops, Jean Tinguely wanted to create a non-standard construction, exceptional in size, complexity and technical artistic ingeniousness, as well as being white unusually sited in the Forest of Milly. Goal "The Head" is, marked values all else, the outcome of a collective venture, forged bonds of friendship from, a utopia over Many Years Produced by a "team of sculptors crazy"

The view from the fence was disappointing a better image can be found
here or by Googling Le Cyclops. After a stop for diesel we were then off on the 5 hour drive to the Dordogne. Kate decided to avoid the motorway and we stared on a pleasant cross country route before joining the motorway after about 40 minutes. The drive was uneventful and punctuated by a Brexton picnic lunch. We arrived at the Terre 2 Princes just after 6:00 and we welcomed by a cold beer. We had time for a quick swim before dinner at 7:30. This turned out to be a tasty 5 course meal with a good selection of vegetables.

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