Wednesday 20 August 2014

A ride to Martell Breakfast was at 8:30. A larger spread today as the BB was full and it included a homemade apricot cake. We planned a bike ride to the village of Martell and its 7 towers. Julien suggested a scenic route but I modified it slightly and added an extra 12 plus miles. The only problem we had was finding the turning off the main road just out from the BB. I thought he had said turn right and Lyn thought he said turn left. She was right but the turn off was after half a mile and not 100 metres as Julien described. The route took on the minor road to Rignac, Cuzance, towards Hopital St Joan and then to Martell. We returned via the D803 turn off at Baladou and then going on to Cuzance before retracing our way back. Martell was a pretty walled village famous for its 7 towers. It was not too touristy and we spent a pleasant couple of hours wandering round it old streets finding time for a coffee and Panini for lunch. We had “planned “to set off from the BB around 2:00 pm . In the end it was after 2:00 when we left Martell and I added and extra few mile to take us back via Cuzance. The ride was pretty but quite hilly in places a change from the flat of the forest of Fontainebleau. We left the Terre 2 Prices at 15:20. Kate gave journey time of just under 3 hours and took us via the Peage all the was to Bonas. I wanted to be sure we had the correct location so had entered the GPS coordinates of the BB. We stopped outside the town hall! After a drive round the village we tried entering their address. Kate found a name that was spelt Gajolle and not Gajolle”s”. We set of and at the first turn asked a man walking his dog who told us not to turn but continue on the main road. He turned out to be wrong. Eventually we just followed Kate up a minor track . We stopped and asked again and we told we on the right raod but he did not know where the house was! After a couple of miles finally arrived at the BB. Kate was right. It turned out that the GPS address is put on by automatically and not the owners . The location shown is wrong. We had time for a quick swim before or evening meal. Tinne turned out to be Belgium and is and excellent cook. We had homemade olive bread and tapenade as an aperitif, a starter of homemade duck pate and homemade dried duck. The main course was salmon and the desert a lemon and lime cooked flan with a similar texture to a panna cotta.
Terre 2 Princes

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  1. Have just caught up. You are having a nicer time than me (bladder infection/tooth out today) but at least I have a beer voucher. We changed the name of the quiz team from 'Lyn's Not Here' (nor was Stuart) to 'The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of Death'. Despite some arguments that resulted in a series of wrong answers, the Choccy Bunnies eventually won by 9 points. Obviously, if Lyn had been there it would have been more like 20!
    Continue to enjoy your meals...