Thursday 28 August 2014

A ride along the Bourgogne Canal

Fortunately the weather forecast in France is as accurate as some days in England. We awoke to an overcast sky but the forecast rain stayed away all day. Breakfast was a good choice and in addition the French stable of croissants included a good selection of fruit, breads , cold meats, cheeses and Fromage Blanc. After a good breakfast we were ready for a bike ride. We had selected “Les Verger sous les Vinges” because of it close proximity to the Bourgogne canal. A cycle path runs alongside the canal and it was just a 6 mile ride from “Les Vergers”. The only downside was the 200m plus of ascent and descent before we reached the canal. We joined the canal at Marigny le Cahouet and rode along it in a northerly direction for approximately 24 miles turning round at the little village of Aisy sur Armancon. The surface varied was mainly paved with short sections being just a track. We had a short diversion where they had block the route to make repairs to the canal bank. In typical French fashion no division was sign posted and the route was just blocked. We followed a minor track past the works where and abundance e of frogs that kept jumping out of the way. After a scramble up the bank we were quickly back on the canal path. We stopped to investigate hire boats for a future trip and even looked round one boat. We left the canal at Marigny le Cahouet and had to climb over the hill again to get back to Villeferry. This time the climb seemed easier. After a fast descent stopping for the occasional photo we had the short climb to the village and then had the choice of the steep and more gentle assent thought the village to Les Verges.

“Les Verger sous les Vinges”

The place we are staying is a cross between a BB and hotel. Les verges is owned and run by the village. The accommodation is in old houses that have been refurbished. Breakfast is taken in a room above the reception but for the evening meal you have to climb a steep track and eventually come across a building towards the top of the hill. It offers fantastic views across the surrounding countryside especially from the terrace. The meal is a set 4 course dinner with no choice. We were very happy with it but we are not fussy about what we eat. The cost and 28 euros is all a little high but it’s a far better option that driving to the nearest town to try and find a restaurant.

Our room is the one with the arched window


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