Tuesday 23 August 2011

23rd August Cycling in the Camargue

An excellent breakfast with the largest plate of fruit I have ever been given in a BB.Plums 3 type including greengages, banana, apples slices,figs,red currents ,grapes,melon,pear. Drove to Stes-Maries-de-La-Mer to start a short ride. We were recommended to take the back road with the free ferry crossing. A pretty little back road. We had to wait in a queue and after a couple to trips the ferry stopped until its next scheduled crossing (every half hour with and hours break for lunch). The town was as tourist trap with car and camper vans everwhere but we found somewhere to park and got information on cycle rides from the Tourist Information centre. A couple of KM out of town the tourists had been left behind and we we cycling alongside ponds with flamingos feeding. The temperature was a little cooler low 30's. We stopped at the lighthouse in the welcome shade for lunch. We then cycled on a little further before retracing our route back to the town for a welcome blood orange ice cream.

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